Progression options

Your engineering qualifications with Tecol can take a range of progression paths including:

L3 3 unit certificate to L3 6 unit diploma

L3 6 unit diploma to L3 9 unit diploma

L3 6 unit diploma (Merit grade) to  L4 HNC, or L3 9 unit diploma (Pass grade) to L4 HNC

L4 HNC to L5 HND

L5 HND to L6 Degree (final year entry, not provided by Tecol, but offered by some Universities)

Certificate / Diploma – BTEC Level 3

With 3 units, 30 educational credits and now up to 28 UCAS points, the BTEC Level 3 Certificate extends the Award and covers further knowledge and skills required for a particular career. A 6 unit Diploma worth up to 56 UCAS points with 9 units up to 84 UCAS points. At TECOL you can currently choose an on-line Mechanical, Electrical or Electronic Certificate pathways with upgrade options to further develop your qualifications
Course prices:
3 unit Certificate – £450 (saving £135)
6 unit Diploma – £850 (saving £320)
9 unit Diploma – £1195 (saving £560)
12 unit Diploma – £1495 (saving £845)

All courses include a 14-day refund guarantee. Prices exclude BTEC registration fee

BTEC L4 HNC and L5 HND qualifications

BTEC L4 HNC and L5 HND Engineering offer the next step up from level 3. These courses provide an excellent route into higher education and offer an alternative to University, especially for 4 and 5 study levels. We offer   HNC and HND courses in General, Mechanical, Electrical & Electronic, Manufacturing and Operations Engineering.

Course prices:

HNC: 8 units: £2245, or 22 x £110, or 11 x £210

HND: 15 units: £3690, or 23 x £190, or 11 x £380

All courses include a 14-day refund guarantee. Prices include BTEC registration fee