Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) – 9 Unit

BTEC Level 3

BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) gives you the knowledge, understanding and skills that are need to prepare for employment or higher qualifications. 

Course Code: L3E-D06 (TJH25)
Enrolment Fee: £1755.00  £1195.00
Format: On-line
Award: BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) – 9 unit
Accreditation: EDEXCEL
Study Time / Duration: 540 Hours / 36 months
Requirements: Age – Min. 16 Yrs

There is a great demand in industry for engineers that have a broad range of knowledge, covering Mechanical Engineering disciplines. As many companies and individuals want to customise the areas of engineering, this Diploma offers you a wide choice in unit selection.

Mechanical Engineering is concerned with the design, construction and operation of machines, structures and industrial plant used in a very wide range of industries. We offer the following flexible options:

9 Unit Diploma (up to 84 new UCAS points)

This 9 unit course offers a balanced programme of electronics,  electrical power, mechanical systems and machines. You can find out more about the content of this Diploma by clicking on the units below:

  1. Applications of Mechanical Systems in Engineering
  2. Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace
  3. Mathematics for Engineering Technicians
  4. Mechanical Principles and Applications
  5. Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques
  6. Engineering Drawing  for Technicians
  7. Principles and Applications of Fluid Mechanics
  8. Principles and Applications of Thermodynamics
  9. Advanced Mechanical Principles and Applications

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12 Unit Diploma ‘Upgrade’ (up to 112 new UCAS points)

If you already have 9 BTEC units such as those listed above, you can upgrade to a ’12 unit Diploma (TJH23)’ by completing only 3 additional units as listed below:

  1. Electrical & Electronic Principles
  2. Communications for Engineering Technicians
  3. Engineering Project

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Each unit is further split into bite sized topics to make studying easier via our online Moodle education platform. You will be have 2 assessments for each unit. The above prices exclude the Edexcel BTEC registration fee, and some units may require some tools / materials (click on individual units for material costs). If you have specific diploma unit requirements which are different than those listed above, please indicate these on your PayPal instructions and enrolment form. Also indicate if the course is for another person.