Tecol On-line L3 Engineering Awards


These 1 and 3 unit courses are suitable those who wish to study a specific topic or want to try a shorter level 3 course before committing to a formal BTEC qualification. These 1 and 3 unit awards are set to the same standard as BTEC qualifications and can be credited towards BTEC L3 Awards,  Certificates or Diplomas in Engineering; thus providing a progressive qualification pathway for your future career development.  All ‘Tecol level 3 Award’ course material includes detailed assessments and  4 months per unit tutor support. (Note: these qualifications have replaced the older QCF 3-unit certificate)

For an on-line TECOL Level 3 Award in Engineering (and IT) , you can choose one of the following 3-unit pathways as well as single subjects:

3-unit Tecol level-3 Awards

  1. Mechanical engineering
  2. Electrical engineering
  3. Electronic engineering
  4. Information technology*

1-unit Tecol level-3 Awards

  1. Applications of Mechanical Systems in Engineering
  2. Principles and Applications of Thermodynamics
  3. Advanced Mechanical Principles and Applications
  4. Principles and Applications of Electronic Devices and Circuits
  5. Principles and Applications of Analogue Electronics
  6. Communications for Engineering Technicians
  7. Electrical Technology
  8. Electrical Installation
  9. Three-phase Motors and Drives
  10. Principles and Applications of Fluid Mechanics
  11. Engineering Drawing for Technicians.
  12. Selection and Using Programmable Controllers
  13. Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace
  14. Mathematics for Engineering Technicians
  15. Mechanical Principles and Applications
  16. Electrical and Electronic Principles
  17. Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques
  18. Features and Applications of Electrical Machines
  19. Microprocessor Systems and Applications

Course prices:

3-unit Award – £450

1-unit Award – £195