On-line Engineering Certificates

BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Engineering

food-engineering01_500x285[1]Engineering continues to suffer from a skills gap and needs to keep up with rapidly developing technologies. Our on-line BTEC Level 3 Certificates in Engineering have been designed to give you the underpinning knowledge and specific skills needed to meet the needs of modern engineering industries. In addition our courses been designed with flexible qualification structures and provide a wide range of units so that learners can focus on their chosen career or area of interest. The qualifications provide opportunities for you to progress in your job as well as for those who are not yet based in industry and wish to gain a sound understanding of engineering.

TECOL tailors your BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical) by providing a choice of 3 certificate options which contain 3 key units to suit your career and interests.

Available On-line Engineering Certificates

For individual Certificate details click one of the following:

  1. Mechanical Engineering
  2. Electronic Engineering
  3. Electrical Engineering

Course price

Certificate –  £450  (£135 off full price of £585 for 3 units – if paid in full)

Note all course prices exclude BTEC registration fee, of £150. Details on how to register will be sent to you during enrolment or if you wish to pay along with your course go to our BTEC reg fee page.