BTEC L3 Course Extension & Repeat Fees

Level 3 BTEC Course Time Extension Fees

If you find that completing your course is taking longer than you originally paid, we can extend your tutor and assessment support for a small monthly fee of £30 / month. Simply add to cart and then select the quantity of extra months you would like at check out.

Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Course extension: £30/month incl. vat.


Level 3 BTEC Course Unit Assessment RETAKE

Under Edexcel rules, you are only allowed up to two attempts for each assessment criteria.

However if you have still not passed the unit, you can ‘Retake’ assessment ‘Pass’ criteria not passed after 2 attempts.

All Pass criteria already successfully achieved do not have to be retaken

Retakes will both incur an additional cost of £75 / unit.

Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Course – retake assessment Pass criteria: £75 incl. vat.



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