Supporting Kits and Equipment

Practical work kits

A range of electronic components and equipment are required to support a range of study and assessment work.


‘Electronics development kit’ (cost £50).

You can source your own parts, or purchase a kit from us.

The kit includes a multi-meter, breadboard, anti-static strap or gloves, battery holders, and all the analogue and digital components needed to complete practical work and assessment tasks.

Select ‘Add to cart’ below to include your electronics kit. – £50 (incl. postage and vat)


‘Instrumentation kit’

You can source your own oscilloscope from many suppliers or resellers including ebay or aliexpress.

The oscilloscope should have a built-in or separate signal/function generator (DDS). It is required to complete assessment tasks in  level-3 Electrical and Electronic Principles.

A low cost option is the Instrustar 205B which includes an  computer linked oscilloscope and function generator. see:


Power supplies are also available from on line suppliers see: