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  1. Nhlanhla Sibanda says:

    My Name is Nhlanhla Sibanda contacting you from South Africa. I am interested in studying towards my Btech in Electrical Engineering with you through or via distance learning scheme.
    If possible can you please forward me the following information.

    Minimum Entry requiements
    Duration of the corse
    Available payment terms
    BTech certificate accreditation
    Structure or syllabus of the course

    • admin says:


      Thank you for your enquiry, my brief answers are below, but more detail is provided on our webpage : http://tecol.co.uk/btec-level-3-courses/diploma/1-electrical-electronic/

      Minimum Entry requirements – must be over 16
      Duration of the course – 6 unit diploma has max support of 24 months, but can be completed in less time
      Available payment terms – for overseas full payment only as direct debit applies to uk only
      BTech certificate accreditation – yes
      Structure or syllabus of the course – units delivered sequentially, for content see website by clicking on each unit

  2. Annon says:

    Hi I want to do an level 3 btec course in business was wondering how much it will cost

  3. Admin says:

    Hi want to do a level 3 course that can get me into university can you please tell me which course I should go for?

    • admin says:

      University will require 3-A levels or an 18 unit BTEC diploma which we can provide, although we don’t advertise it – email admin@tecol.co.uk for more details if interested
      The alternative is to complete a 6-unit level 3 dip with Merit, then level 4 HNC, then level 5 HND, then gain entry into Uni at level 6 (final year) also much cheaper!

  4. andrius says:

    it is all online curses will be? or need attend to lessons ? what more details

    • admin says:

      All our courses are on-line and are studied by distance learning and assessment , so there is no attendance requirement

  5. Thomas bailey says:

    Hi im looking at doing your level 3 certificate in mech engineering.
    Its say 12 months. Can it be finished as quick as you work at? Im looking to fast track for a job oppurtunity. Thanks

  6. Lloyd Evans says:

    Good evening,
    I enrolled this afternoon and I see the £100 has been taken from my PayPal but I lost the sceen after payment and I have not received any kind of email as confirmation.
    I was just wondering how and when I will receive my log in etc. And when I can start

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