BTEC L3 Registration

Level 3 BTEC Registration and Fees


Currently all our BTEC L3 course prices exclude the Edexcel BTEC registration fee.

As per BTEC qualification rules, we request that students pay their registration fees within one month from enrolment.

We will register students with Edexcel only after they have paid their BTEC Reg. fee and have also completed their on-line identity check. (which includes a brief course induction talk)

Your BTEC registration number should be available from 4 weeks from completing your registration payment and ID check.

Although not required for your first unit, tutors will require you to quote your BTEC No. for subsequent units and assessments requests.


Please pay your fees for your course by selecting the correct ‘Add to cart’ button below:

The BTEC registration fees are for Level 3 Engineering and Information Technology 2019/20


Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Certificate (3 unit): £150 incl.vat.


Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Diploma (6 unit): £195 incl.vat.


Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Diploma (9 unit): £225 incl.vat.


Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Diploma (12 unit): £250 incl.vat.


Select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Extended Diploma (18 unit): £275 incl.vat.


If you have upgraded by 3 units to a Diploma, select ‘Add to cart’ below for BTEC Level 3  Diploma (upgrade) registration fee: £70 incl.vat.


When we receive your fee payment and confirm your identity (via Skype call), TECOL will register you with  Edexcel.

Your BTEC registration number should be available on request from 4 weeks after completing the above.

Note, after completing your first unit (no number required), it is likely that your BTEC number will be required prior to receiving further assessments from your tutor


BTEC fee prices include vat and are simply a  ‘pass-through’ cost to Edexcel to get you registered with the examining body


9 comments on “BTEC L3 Registration
  1. admin says:


    Our BTEC engineering certificates and diplomas are accredited by Edexcel who one are of the main UK qualification awarding bodies (for BTEC, GCSE and A-level), and are recognised both in the UK and internationally by Universities and employers.

    To determine if your specific countries recognises BTEC qualifications, you need to check with your local University or employer

  2. Richard Carter says:

    Do you need to pay a btec registration fee for a single level 3 unit? I am unable to find the answer here. Many thanks

  3. James Farrell says:

    I am looking at the BTEC level 3 in electrical and electronic engineering.
    Once I pay the course fee, registration fees and buy the necessary kit, are there any other hidden costs such as exam fees?

  4. Dear Sir/Madam

    Please send me details on how l can register to do electrical courses with your organisation.
    Also, include the total cost of doing the level 6 Diploma in Electrical Engineering


    • admin says:

      The process to enrol on one of our courses is straightforward, just go to our website and select the 6-unit diploma in electrical and electronic engineering
      Pay for the course in full or by deposit and we will then send you your enrolment form and the process to start your course
      The total cost for a 6 unit diploma i:s £850 course fee plus £195 BTEC registration fee

  5. Chris Birch says:

    If I were to complete 3 single units with a view to gaining a L3 certificate in Engineering, when must I register with BTEC/Edexcel?

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