Electrical Technology

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – Electrical Technology

Course Code: L3E-A07
Enrolment Fee: £195.00
Format: On-line
Award: BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering
Accreditation: TECOL
Study Time: 60 Hours
Requirements: Age – Min. 16 Yrs

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering, or as part of an Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 Diploma (9 units) in Engineering.  

Aim and purpose

This unit aims to give you knowledge of how electricity is produced and its different applications in a variety of sectors.

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Unit introduction

Electricity is used in a wide range of applications, such as manufacturing, healthcare, transport and entertainment. All of these are reliant on electrical technology in one form or another. For example, recent developments in electric and hybrid vehicles, music festivals, electro medical equipment or factory automation.

Electrical technology provides the link between science and its application such through a better understanding of electrical energy, materials science, renewable technology,  and electrical machines. This unit provides an introduction to ways in which electricity is produced, the options we have about how and why we produce it, and the disposal of related by-products. The unit considers how the electricity that has been produced is then moved to where the customer (end-user) needs it. It also examines the materials used and whether alternatives exist or could be found.

On completion of this unit you should:

1 Know the methods used to produce electrical energy

2 Know the properties and applications of conductors, insulators and magnetic materials

3 Know the physical arrangements of supply, transmission and distribution equipment

4 Know how electrical energy is used to support applications of electrical technology.