BTEC Level 3 IT Award – Employability Skills

BTEC Level 3 IT (Computing) – Communications & Employability Skills for IT

Course Code: L3C-A101
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Format: On-line
Award: BTEC Level 3 IT Award (Employability Skills)
Accreditation: TECOL
Study Time: 60 Hours
Requirements: Min. 16 Yrs.

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL BTEC Level 3 Award in IT (Computing), or as part of an Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Information Technology. To enrol on Certificate or Diploma courses please return to the correct page as listed on the right.

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Computer 5Aim and Purpose

This unit focuses on the ‘soft skills’ so that you understand both the personal attributes and communication skills valued by IT employers.  As well as the technical skills and knowledge required for specific jobs in IT, you will also need a range of non-technical skills and attributes that are considered essential to employability in the IT sector.

The aim of this unit is to ensure that you understand both the personal attributes valued by employers and the principles of communicating effectively whist developing effective communication skills and addressing their own personal development needs.

Unit Introduction

The employability part of the unit is all about soft skills. These include communication skills, teamwork skills and other positive attributes such as dependability and conscientiousness. It is likely that you already have the technical skills and knowledge required for specific jobs in IT but without soft skills, you may find yourself unemployed and, worse, unemployable. To identify which soft skills you already possess, you will assess your own strengths and weaknesses and, where necessary, work on improving the skills needed to make you an effective employee.

Once employed in IT, continual self-development will be essential. The rapidly changing nature of IT makes this particularly relevant for those who work, or aspire to work, in the IT industry. To familiarise you with the self-development process, you will, within this unit, produce and follow a personal development plan (PDP) to identify and track your training needs and the accumulation of new skills and knowledge.

After completing this unit, you should:

  1. understand the personal attributes valued by employers
  2. understand the principles of effective communication
  3. be able to use IT to communicate effectively
  4. be able to address personal development needs.


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