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  1. steven haddon says:

    I’m a offshore construction supervisor and was looking to gain a BTEC in mechanical engineering. Would I benifit from this course and whats the estimated study time.

    • admin says:


      BTEC level 3 is widely recognised in Industry and is often a minimum requirement for supervisory posts.
      We estimate a 3 unit certificate would take a student studying 5 hours per week around 9 months to complete

  2. Kev says:

    Is there any prerequisites required for this course ?
    Also the course list at the top right, is that for this course ?

    If I sign up do I get to choose a start date or will it begin straight from payment ?

    • admin says:

      The only prerequisites for our level 3 course is that you are over 16 and are willing learn and study
      For specific courses go to the appropriate web pages on our web site and the specific units are listed
      Your course normally starts a couple of days after payment, unless you instruct us of a specific start date that you prefer

  3. admin says:

    Details for any material needed for specific units are detailed at the start of that unit, giving you plenty of time to order the before they are needed

  4. admin says:

    Edexcel offer a range of BTEC diplomas that can be scaled up as follows:
    6 units = 1 A level
    9 units = 1.5 A levels
    12 units = 2 A levels
    18 units = 3 A levels

  5. Joey says:

    If I do a btec in mechanical engineering if I fail anything do you have to pay and start all over again?

    • admin says:

      You normally get 2 opportunities for each task. However if you still need more further attempts, you can repeat the unit

  6. Craig Tannous says:

    Could you please give me more details regarding examinations for online courses for international students.

    • admin says:

      Currently BTEC qualifications do not require any formal exams, but are work is assessed and graded by your tutor under the standards set by Edexcel

  7. Nathan Lewin says:

    Do you certify the certificates? E.g. city’s nd guilds
    If not how would I do this after completing all the modules?
    (BTEC L3 electronic and electrical engineering course)
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      We are approved by Edexcel to offer BTEC level 3 courses. We operate these course according to their rules and procedures.
      As such these qualifications are recognised within the UK and beyond.

  8. Filipe says:


    I’m able to do any course outside UK if I pay the full amount by paypal or any other foreigner credit or debit card?


  9. Lee says:

    Just wondering as my employer would like me to gain nvq level 3 or equivalent in mechanical electrical engineering would your level 3 course be suitable also If I were to complete the course early would that be a problem as I know it stated 24 months

    • admin says:


      NVQ and BTEC are different courses in the sense that NVQ is a practical assessment of your skills, whereas BTEC is a knowledge assessment of skills and is more similar to A-levels, but without exams at present.
      The 24 months is the max support time, so we expect you to finish in less time. As all material is in-line you can work at your own pace.
      NQVs cannot be assessed on line as your practical work needs to be observed

  10. Terry Edwards says:

    Hi, I’m looking at completing an electrical engineering course an want to know where to start. I’m an approved electrician and want to know if I have to complete the level 3 before I can enrol on the HNC level 4. Thanks Terry

    • admin says:

      Most electricians complete NVQ’s and City & Guilds qualifications, but not a University recognised level 3 qualification.
      If this is your case, then you will need to complete at least a 6 unit level 3 BTEC engineering course prior to stating your HNC.
      We have a range of 6 unit diploma courses on our website for you to consider

  11. Simon says:

    Hi. If I complete a 6 unit btec m+e engineering course what are my options for continuing with the other units at a later date and will it cost me more money in the long term? Thanks.

  12. Graeme parker says:

    Hi, just looking for some guidance on your courses.

    Completed a advanced modern apprenriceship lvl 3 in engineering producation (fabrication).

    Where would i need to pick up from to progress my career path if i wanted to gain a degree??


    • admin says:


      You don’t say if you completed a BTEC level3 eng course along with your apprenticeship, but the normal progression path to degree is as follows:
      L3 3 unit certificate to L3 6 unit diploma
      L3 6 unit diploma to L3 9 unit diploma
      L3 6 unit diploma (Merit grade) to L4 HNC, or L3 9 unit diploma (Pass grade) to L4 HNC
      L4 HNC to L5 HND
      L5 HND to L6 Degree (final year entry, not provided by Tecol, but offered by some Universities)

      Hope this helps

  13. Steve Joyce says:

    Good evening I have loads of city and guilds certificates &level 3 NVQ mechanical engineering in addition 17th Edition with NEBOSH general health&safety. I want to proceed to HNC Mechanical can I do this ?

    • admin says:


      It looks like you have plenty of good practical courses under your belt, which we can give you some credit for; but to progress to HNC you will need to complete a bridging BTEC level 3 course. This because you will be studying level 4 analytical units such as maths and science, but you currently don’t have a level 3 qualification in this area and the step up would be too great.
      So go for the following course first and then you will be ready for the HNC

      • Steve Joyce says:

        Thank you for the reply however I have noted one of the modules is work safety, this topic is already covered in the NEBOSH qualification. Furthermore is this certificate £450 all in?

  14. Warren says:


    In some of the comments above, you imply that studies can be done by anyone internationally. Does this mean you accept international students?

  15. Selvakumar says:

    Hi , it sounds great with BTEC Level 3 Engineering Certificate i would like to apply for the course and later will proceed with a diploma. Looking forward to hear from you soon. Thank You.

  16. Selvakumar says:

    Like to know if i can apply with any university in UK after obtaining my BTEC Level 3 Certificate? How long will it take for me to complete the said course? Thank You

    • admin says:


      In the UK entry to university depends on UCAS points, our level 3 courses carry UCAS points for example
      With 3 units, 30 educational credits and now up to 28 UCAS points, the BTEC Level 3 Certificate extends the Award and covers further knowledge and skills required for a particular career. A 6 unit Diploma worth up to 56 UCAS points with 9 units up to 84 UCAS points.

  17. paul dolton says:

    I have just completed 1st year HNC at college day release through work as a mature sudent in mechanical engineering, i would like to start a HNC in electrical to run alongside the second year of mechanical is this possible.

    • admin says:

      I think it would be better to complete your HNC course, then upgrade to an HND which could have electrical/electronic units

  18. Simon Dawson says:

    Hello. I’m looking to do BTEC level 3 electrical engineering certificate. If I wanted to progress further once successful would it be possible to do a HNC or do I need more first. Thanks in advance

  19. ERNEST KOUASSI says:

    as an electrician working in the offshore oil and gas,i am interested in applying for the btec level 3 diploma in electrical and electronic engineering course. is it possible after this course to further it to the level 4 HNC as an international student? i am also a holder of city guilds international certificate. thanks.

  20. Darren Mcdonald says:

    I am 36 yrs old with 21 years experience in mechanical engineering,but i have no qualifications to support my knowledge. I am looking for advice on which course would benefit me in this industry. I would greatly appreciate any advice or suggestions. thank you

    • admin says:

      BTEC level 3 qualifications are an excellent way to get formal recognition of engineering experience as they are widely respected in industry.
      You could start with a 3 unit BTEC level 3 certificate in (mechanical) engineering and if happy with that upgrade to a 6 unit Diploma and then beyond

  21. Pierce says:

    Hello, I have a learning disability and i am very interested in the mechanical engineering level 3 certificate, is there a specific length of time for me to complete this course because I sometimes struggle to understand course work so i may not be as quick as other learners.

    • admin says:

      We normally provide 12 months learning support with our certificate, however we would be sympathetic to extending this, in your case

  22. Chris B says:

    Im looking at completing a Level 3 in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering followed by a HND.

    I am in the REME an Engineering Corps of The Army and would like to know if your 12 Unit Courses would allow me to be certified as EngTech post completion with the Engineerin Council and Post HND completion the status of IMechE?

    • admin says:

      To the best of my knowledge HND would be acceptable for EngTech academic requirements
      Your best approach is BTEC 6 unit L3 diploma with merit -> 8 unit L4 HNC -> 8 unit L5 HND

  23. Abdi.M says:

    Hello, I am interested studying BTEC Mechanical engineering I have hearing impairment disability. Are there any extra support i know there is limit up to 12 months. Also I need to know what are the course content? Do they include practical lab training?
    Please could you explain a bit more details I would be happy to hear that Many Thanks Abdi.M

    • admin says:

      In terms of support we provide both email and Skype support on any topic issue. For the mechanical course there are no practical labs required

  24. Kristopher L says:

    Looking to study further completed a Btec subsidiary level 3 in engineering

  25. Kingsley Senyemi says:

    Wanted to check out but Ghana is not in the PayPal list of countries. Any help

  26. Tom Goulden says:

    Hi I am currently an approved electrician with NVQ level 3 . 2391 test and inspection qualification ,18th edition wiring regs qualification also the health and safety supervisor for my company I am interested in doing the HNC level 4 electrical engineering course but would like some guidance on the entry requirements

    • admin says:


      Your main weakness would be technical knowledge especially in science and maths, however if you believe that you could cope with this material at level (year1 of a degree) then we may accept you onto our HNC.
      You will be required to complete at least 2 bridging level 3 units in Maths and Mech Principles as part of the HNC

      If you are not confident of your knowledge at this level then we would recommend our level 3 BTEC diploma (6 unit) first
      For further information please email or telephone us

  27. MR ANDREW WALTON says:

    Hi im looking into doing an ONC in Mechanical engineering, is BTEC level 3 the equivalent to this?

    Also after completing this i want to do the HNC, what is the minimum amount of units i need to complete before doing HNC?

    • admin says:

      The old ONC is equivalent to a BTEC 12 unit diploma, however you can gain access to HNC with a merit grade on a 6 unit diploma. We think you could complete this in around 18 months

  28. Johnson says:


    I’m interested to study BTEC diploma mechanical and electrical. I can see then I can get 42 month support.

    Can you tell, it is possible to finish this diploma in 1 or 2 years?

    • admin says:

      Yes you can complete in a quicker period, the pace is set by you as the course is on-line, it depends how much weekly study time you have. The 42 months is based on 5hrs/wk

  29. kouassi behibro jean lucien ernest says:

    Hi,i am interested in applying for the btec level 3 diploma in electrical and electronic engineering course. I reside in ivory coast in africa. Is it possible to pay with my paypal account?

  30. Simon says:

    Hi, I am looking at the 6 module BTEC L3 in electrical and mechanical engineering. Could you let me know if this could be used to progress to HNC / HND and how the courses are presented (online / interactive / plain text)? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Yes, our HNC entry requirement is a 6 unit Level 3 diploma at overall merit grade. For more details on entry qualifications see the HNC pages on our website.
      The course are presented as pdfs on our Moodle platform, but with links to videos and downloadable software, depending on the unit being studied

  31. Lauren says:

    Hi, do you require a background in engineering in order to complete this course, as I am not planning on going to university but hope to take this course to further my possibilities of being in the Navy as an engineer.

    • admin says:

      No you don’t need an engineering background, as some of our current students have joined us with non-engineering backgrounds

      • Recardo Roberts says:

        I am outside the UK for now but holds a BRP.
        I am interesting in the Electrical installation course.
        How long this course will it take?
        Can you get a job after completing the award in electrical installation in the UK

        • admin says:

          The level 3 Tecol Award in Electrical Installation will introduce you to some practical wiring and testing skills along with some underlying knowledge about cables, protective devices and regulations
          It will not make you a fully qualified electrician but may help you find a job which leads to this

  32. Lloyd Evans says:

    If I complete a 6 unit course can I proceed to the HNC?

  33. Erik says:


    I am a mechanical/ hydraulic bias technician with some electrical work. I have formal qualification a foundation degree in subsea engineering (mechanical and electircal modules) and a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering and a NVQ L3 in Engineering Maintenance (Mechanical) I started a new job working with robots which is mechanical and electrical work but I am wanting to develop my electrical skills further. Would I be better doing the BTEC L3 in Mechanical and Electrical or just a focus on BTEC L3 in Electrical and Electronice as I have a higher education in mechanical already and nothing electrically ?

    • admin says:

      Given your extensive mechanical qualifications, I would focus on the electrical/electric courses, with the 12 unit E/E being the best, as it covers a wide range of E/E subjects

  34. Erik says:

    What’s difference with 6 and 12 unit courses going forward to HNC ?

  35. Mauro Cipolat says:

    Hi, I am a qualified electrician to NVQ level. I would like to obtain an engineering qualification.
    If I start with a 3-units L3 Certificate in electrical engineering, can I then progress to 6 or 9 or 12 unit Diploma?
    Will I be able to do this progression at any time in the future or there will be a time limit?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Yes you can start with the 3 unit certificate and upgrade to more units later
      Upgrade options are detailed on our web pages

  36. Roberta Whitlock says:

    Hi I’m interested in the BTEC L3 12 module diploma in Engineering, I cannot sign up until either the end of this month or the end of May. Do you recommend any relevant reading I can do in the mean time please?

    Best wishes,

    • admin says:

      BTEC National Engineering by M Tooley, Dingle (2007), or BTEC National Engineering Tooley & Dingle (2010) are a good start as they cover a lot of the material
      Should be able to get a cheap 2nd hand copy of either book

  37. Mat says:

    I am looking to start a level 3, 6 unit diploma in electrical and electronic engineering, if I pay my deposit can I pay for the electronic equipment and practical kit at a later date? also am I able to start the course just by paying the deposit or is the registration fee needed too?

    • admin says:

      Yes you can buy the kits later; you can start your course with the deposit only and pay the registration fee 1 month later

  38. Ruari says:

    I hold an HNC in Electrical Engineering completed in 2018 I am unsure if I would be able to do the HND in Electrical & Electronic Engineering using the upgrade route. Could you please advise if this would be possible or is this route only for those holding HNC in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

  39. Andrew Arthur Davies says:

    Having read through the information I would very much like to enrol onto the HNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I completed a BTEC first diploma in Information Technology Applications (awarded in 1992) and then moved on to study for a BTEC National Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, which was awarded to me in 1994. I have since lost these certificates and unable to provide them as proof of study. Would this be a problem?

    I have a masters degree in Microbiology

    I have a strong academic background in Science and consider myself to have a good level of mathematical ability and, although it has been a while since I have studied engineering, feel that I would adapt quickly to distance learning.

    In brief, can you let me know if this is enough to be considered for enrolment onto this course?

  40. Ibrahim Mahmood says:

    Hi, I am considering the 6 unit Electrical/Mechanical Engineering course(up to 56 ucas points). I study two other A levels and and am strongly considering studying this course along with my A levels in order to meet the requirements of certain unis. My question is if I complete this course in 7 or 8 months(submit all assignments and whatnot), when will I receive that diploma? In schools, I would receive it on results day but I am unsure how it would work in this case as it is external. If I was to start this course say next month(July) and finish it next April, when would I receive my grade? If I was to receive my grade next august(like schools usually do), would my tutor be able to predict me a grade to help?
    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      When you complete your course with us, we claim your qualification immediately and normally EDEXCEL send out the certificate within 6 weeks (currently longer due to CV19)
      We ca also provide a statement of completion and grades if required

  41. Chris Jones says:

    Hi I am really intrested in getting started on my way to a HND to look to get my career back into the engineering industry where my passion is. Currently i hold a Sitma Intermediate Level Apprenticeship in Performing Engineering Operations, L2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations and L2 NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance.
    where would i start with the qualifications from above ?

    Thank you

  42. Dumitru says:

    HI, i want to start the Level 3 – Certificate in Engineering (Mechanical, can you please help me with the payment, as i want to pay with Amazon Voucher.

    Thank you.

  43. Jamie Fowler says:

    Good morning

    Do you accept military ELC? I spoke to Unicourse company yesterday and they don’t.

    Many thanks

  44. Samuel Barnfather says:

    Hello, I’m looking to upgrade my 6 unit diploma that I attained elsewhere to a 9 or 12 unit diploma. Obviously I would not want to repeat units do you offer flexibility with your upgrade packages?

    • admin says:

      Yes we offer flexibility in course unit selection. You need to act quickly as the QCF level 3 diplomas are being withdrawn this month.
      Please contact with a copy of your existing 6 unit diploma to discuss further

  45. Adam says:

    I am looking into purchasing the 18 unit L3 package. Am I right in saying that you can do the work when you want and how much time in the week you want as long as the work adds up to the respected amount of time and work is sufficient.

  46. Mark Philip Williams says:

    Do you accept advanced learner loans for the engineering qualifications?

  47. Robert Maynock says:

    Hi there. Looking at the course requirements it states for thr hnc I would need to nvq level 3. I have not yet been signed off, is it a necessity or can I enrole on the hnc without it?

    • admin says:

      With NVQ, you will need to complete the 3 bridging unit prior to starting your HNC.
      So you could enrol on the HNC and complete the bridging units while we wait to receive your signed off NVQ

  48. Josh says:

    Hi, my employer offers funding for courses so I am looking into doing the 12 unit electrical engineering level 3 diploma. I was just wondering if the course can be started at any time or if there are specific sign up dates etc. Also the robot technology unit is of interest to me but noticed it says its a possible add on for the future depending on how much interest is given. Is this something that will likely be going ahead or is it still early days? Thanks.

    • admin says:

      There is no specific sign-up date, i.e. you can start your course anytime.
      Yes we plan to run a robotic unit if there is sufficient demand, so you interest in this is noted

  49. Cornelius says:

    Good day,

    I would like to request information regarding the registration process pertaining the the HND in general engineering and the method of learning and assessment.

    Your Feedback will be highly appreciated.

    Kind regards

    • admin says:

      When you purchase a course the details for enrollment, BTEC registration and course material & tutor access will be sent to you from our admin team. All this will be completed within 1 week.
      The method of learning is studying material that is provided on our on-line Moodle platform. There is also a Skype induction call, were details on how to study your course, get support and the assessment process will be explained

      If you need it explained in detail now please call us on 0800 2289215

  50. Noah Kagimu says:

    Hello, i would like to enroll on BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Electrical/Electronic Engineering using Amazon Career Choice Tuition Voucher, can you plse quide me? Thank you

  51. James Baker says:

    Im interested in doing a BTEC level 3 12 unit course in Mechanical Engineering. What is the estimated time it will take to complete this course?

    • admin says:

      For 12 units the estimated time to complete is 24 to 48 months depending the number hours per week the learner is willing to study; as each unit will take about 60 hours each

  52. Daniel says:

    Hi, can I do the computer aided manufacture as part of a 3 unit L3 upgrade??

    Cheers, Dan

  53. Damon West says:


    I work for Amazon and i have a career choice voucher. Can someone please get in touch with me on how to proceed with my enrollment on the course.


  54. Marcin Baczkowicz says:

    Hello, I thinking of enroll to Level 4- HNC in Electrical and Electronic Engineering course. But my previous qualifications are from abroad. I have UK Naric qualifications comparation document which state that my Certificate of Completing Secondary Technical School with Electrical Engineering Technician title is considered comparable to BTEC Level 3 Certificate.
    Would that be enough to join your Level 4 course or I’ll need to complete some of your level 3 courses before?

    • admin says:

      We are open to overseas technical qualification and if equivalent to BTEC level 3, then we will only require you to complete our short HNC bringing course which is free to HNC enrolled students

  55. Conrad says:

    I’m from and reside in Uganda (Africa). Can I enrol for Btech level 3 Engineering (Motorsport)?

    • admin says:

      Our learners need a UK address, but maybe you have some relatives in the UK from which you could use as a base address

  56. Amin says:

    I have a Master degree in mechanical engineering can I take the HND L5?

  57. Hi I am applying through amazon career choice, is this course online or in the person and also how is the admission process with the amazon career choice ?

    • what is the starting and the end date of this course?

      • admin says:

        You don’t specify the course but the start date is simply when you apply and enrol. The finish date is simply when you finish if its before the duration state on our website for the course e.g. For a 12 unit BTEC L3 diploma its up to 48 months

    • admin says:

      Career choice should have emailed you instruction on the enrolment process, but if you have missed that, then simply email us at with your preferred course and voucher and we will give you details of the admission process.
      It is quite straight forward

  58. Lemos Tcham says:

    Is it possible to select specific modules and still get the diploma in the end?
    I intend to do the Engineering General pathway, however I have taken some of modules on my previous studies.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can select up to 9 specific modules (3 units are compulsory on the 12 Unit General eng dip).
      You can get exemptions if you have a copy of your previous BTEC L3 ‘notification of performance’

  59. Donna O'connor says:

    I am looking to purchase this course for an employee. Will I be given the opportunity to put the delegates details in for registering once i have paid for the course. Alternatively do you invoice?

    • admin says:

      Yes, when a course is ordered, we send out an enrollment form to the learner who can list the preferred units.
      We can also provide an invoice – simply email with the course and learner’s name and we will send you an invoice

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