Supporting Kits and Equipment

Practical work kits (Electronic based units) – Dispatched by our electrical team please allow approx 7 weeks for delivery after purchase.

A range of electronic components and equipment are required to support a range of study and assessment work.

Electronics and instrumentation Kit for L3 units UA24- PAEDC and UA56- EEP

You can source your own electronic parts, or purchase a kit from us (A list is shown in Moodle and can be ordered later when you are enrolled on your electronic unit) 

The kit includes a  breadboard, gloves, battery holders, and all the electronic components needed to complete practical work and assessment tasks. Electronic components include a range of resistors, capacitors, diodes. LED, transistors, switches, amplifiers, logic gates, etc.

A multi-meter and oscilloscope are also needed to complete course measurement exercises, Although these can bought on-line (as below) this option offers a simple low cost  1-channel oscilloscope and multi-meter and complements our electronic kit. These 2 kits therefore provides all you need to complete the practical electronic tasks for all our BTEC L3 courses.

Electronics & Inst Kit: £85 (incl. postage and VAT)

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Note we only post to your student enrolment address, so please inform immediately if you move home.

Addtional equipment

For a more extensive analysis and measurement work, an oscilloscope should ideally have 2 channels and a built-in signal generator (DDS). A low cost option is the Instrustar 205B which includes an  computer linked oscilloscope and function generator. Possible suppliers include:

ISDS205B Spectrum Analyzer / DDS / Sweep / Data Recorder / PC USB Oscilloscope | eBay

Isds205b Usb Digital Virtual Oscilloscope + Spectrum Analyzer + Data Logger

(if coming from China, please order at the start of your unit as it may take 5-6 weeks to arrive)

A slightly more expensive (but better quality) option is the PicoScope 2204A: PicoScope 2204A-D2

Although not essential (as you can use batteries), bench power supplies are also available from on-line suppliers for example:Bench Power Supply