Cyber Security

L4 Digital Technologies: Unit 3 (M/618/5661)

Digital technologies provide an opportunity for malicious hackers and cyberterrorists to exploit individuals, government, institutions and large organisations. Defending against cyberattacks, including insider threats, is a priority in the digital technologies sector. Cybercrime techniques and attack vectors are fast growing, taking advantage of the speed, anonymity and convenience of the internet as a facilitator for malicious and criminal activity.

This unit has been designed to develop students’ knowledge and understanding in relation to cyber threats and vulnerabilities, cyber defence techniques and incident response. Students will explore fundamental principles and leading-edge concepts, terminologies, models, and hardening methods. Students will assess the types of malicious activity and potential targets, and the role everyone has in maintaining cyber resilience.

On successful completion of the unit, students will have explored the nature of cybercrime and cyber threat actors; looked into roles and responsibilities in relation to information assurance; assessed the threats to, and vulnerabilities in, ICT infrastructure; and investigated strategic responses to cyber security threats

Learning Outcomes
  • LO1 Explore the nature of cybercrime and cyber threat actors
  • LO2 Investigate cyber security threats and hazards
  • LO3 Examine the effectiveness of information assurance concepts applied to ICT infrastructure
  • LO4 Investigate incident response methods to cyber security threats.