Level 4 – HNC in Engineering (Operations)

A BTEC Level 4 HNC in Operations Engineering gives you the knowledge, understanding and skills that are need to prepare for the next step in your career with a widely recognised higher level qualification.

Course Code: L4E-DCWR1
Course & Registration Fee: £2350 (incl. bridging units)* (£2250 for TECOL L3 learners)
Format: On-line, distance learning
Award: BTEC Level 4 HNC in Engineering (Operations)
Accreditation: EDEXCEL
Duration: Flexible – up to 32 months (or 36 months if bridging is required)
Requirements: UK Resident
BTEC Level 3 in Engineering*

HNC in Operations Engineering – Content

HNC Manufacturing Engineering has been developed to focus on:

  • the education and training of engineers/technicians who are employed at a professional level in a variety of types of technical work, including plant maintenance, operations and building management in ithe private and public sector
  • providing opportunities for learners to focus on the development of the higher level skills in a technological and management context
  • a common core of engineering units plus specific units relevant to the engineering operations,
  • providing a  qualifications progression route to HND (level 5) and degree (level 6)

This 8 unit course offers a balanced programme of engineering principles, design and applications within mechanical field. You can find out more about the content of this HNC by clicking on the units below:

  1. Engineering Design (Unit H1)
  2. Engineering Maths (Unit H2)
  3. Engineering Science (Unit H3)
  4. Managing a Professional Engineering Project (Unit H4)
  5. Operations and Plant Management (Unit H30)
  6. Electrical Systems & Fault Finding (Unit H31)
  7. CAD for Maintenance Engineers (Unit H32)

Plus one more unit:

*H10 requires access to a workshop including lathe and milling machine
Preferences can expressed on enrolment form or during Skype calls – default modules will be H31 and H17

Each unit is further split into bite sized topics to make studying easier via our online Moodle education platform. You will be have 2 assessments for each unit. The above prices include the Edexcel BTEC registration fee, but some units may require some equipment / materials (check individual units) for practical exercises

Entry Qualifications

Should be one of the following:

  • BTEC Level-3 Eng. 6 unit (Merit)
  • BTEC Level-3 Eng. 9 unit  (Pass)
  • BTEC Level-3 Eng. 3 unit  and 1 A/AS level
  • NVQ Level-3 Eng. and Level-3 bridging units (see below)
  • Appropriate STEM A/AS levels or equivalent

Normally we require at least 32 UCAS points. Students must also be a UK resident and non-native English should have a relevant qualification.

HNC Bridging Units

If you partially meet the level 3 requirements by having some existing level 3 qualifications or higher; level-3 bridging units  for HNC will be required as part of your HNC programme.

Level-3 bridging units are included in HNC courses if required at no extra cost, and are:

  • L3 Bridging Maths unit L3E-B1
  • L3 Bridging Mechanical Principles unit L3E-B2
  • L3 Electrical & Electronic Principles unit L3E-B3

Payment Options

To get started and enrolled please select payment choice (all prices include BTEC registration fee & VAT ):

Full Payment: £2350 single payment*

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21 Month Payment Plan: £125 deposit followed by 20 monthly payments of £125**

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10 Month Payment Plan: £230 deposit followed by 9 monthly payments of £230**

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* If you have completed your Level-3  course (6, 9, or 12 unit) with TECOL, your HNC fee will be reduced by £100 to £2250. Amount will be refunded after full purchase.
** We will contact you with direct debit arrangements