Level 4 – Fundamentals of Thermodynamics

Pearson/Edexcel BTEC Level 4 Engineering – Fundamentals of Thermodynamics and Heat Engines

Tecol Unit Code: L4E-H13
BTEC Code: D/615/1487
Format: On-line
Award: Level 4 Unit
Accreditation: EDEXCEL
Study + Assessment Time: 60 + 90 Hours

This unit can be studied  as part of a BTEC HNC or HND in Engineering. 


Unit introduction

Thermodynamics is one of the most common applications of science in our lives, and it is so much a part of our daily life that it is often taken for granted. For example, when driving your car you know that the fuel you put into the tank is converted into energy to propel the vehicle, and the heat produced by burning gas when cooking will produce steam which can lift the lid of the pan. These are examples of thermodynamics, which is the study of the dynamics and behaviour of energy and its manifestations.

On completion of this unit you should:

1. Investigate fundamental thermodynamic systems and their properties.

2. Apply the Steady Flow Energy Equation to plant equipment.

3. Examine the principles of heat transfer to industrial applications.

4. Determine the performance of internal combustion engines.


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