Level 5 – Commercial Programming Software

Pearson/Edexcel BTEC Level 5 Engineering – Commercial Programming Software

Tecol Unit Code: L5E-H40
BTEC Code: K/615/1508
Format: On-line
Award: Level 5 Unit
Accreditation: EDEXCEL
Study + Assessment Time: 60 + 90 Hours
 15 credit unit

This unit can be studied  as part of a BTEC HND in Engineering. 


Unit introduction

The use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and simulation in the engineering industry is ever growing. Commercial software packages enable an engineer to design, simulate, model and predict the outcome of a design before a product has been made. This enables time and cost savings in the development of a product whilst enabling the engineer to further develop their design.
The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the availability and use of commercial software packages within electronics engineering, including design, simulation, simple microprocessor programming and evaluation of the tools available.
On successful completion of this unit you will be able to research a range of software tools or applications to support engineering functions related to electronics. Also consider how a software package can be used to simulate the behaviour of an electronic circuits function, and explain how to programme a microprocessor-based device to achieve a specified outcome/task. Finally evaluate a specific electronics software tool/application, describe the types of commercial software available, compare the differences between a software simulation and a real-world circuit, and write simple commands to a microcontroller.

By the end of this you will be able to:

1. Research a range of software application tools to determine how they can support electronic engineering functions effectively.
2. Explain how a software package can be used to simulate the behaviour of an electronic circuit function and compare the results to real components and
3. Programme a microprocessor-based device to achieve a specified outcome or task using commercially available software.
4. Evaluate an electronics software application tool to report on its ability to replicate the real world and the resource savings this can bring to an organisation.


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