Level 5 – HND in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic)

A BTEC Level 5 HND in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) qualification gives you the knowledge, understanding and skills that are need to prepare for the next step in your career with a widely recognised higher level qualifications. 

Course Code: L5E-ZTU50
Course and Registration Fee: £2350 (top-up),
Format: On-line, distance learning
Award: BTEC Level 5 HND in Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) (RQF)
Accreditation: Pearson (Edexcel)
Duration: Flexible – up to 32 (top-up)
Requirements: UK resident

BTEC L4 HNC in Elect&Electronic Eng


HND in  Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering is all about designing, developing, maintaining and improving electrical, electronic and control systems. For example, they provide electrical equipment and controls for buildings, factories, and vehicles that make sure that plant and machinery work effectively and efficiently. Further, with the increasing importance of climate change and its impact on engineers, a unit discussing this topic has been included on all courses. This HND qualification is to the latest fully accredited RQF (2017 onwards) standard and is about:

  • providing opportunities for engineers/technicians to achieve a nationally recognised level 5 vocationally specific qualification
  • providing opportunities for progress to higher education vocational qualifications, such as a full- or part time degree in engineering
  • providing opportunities for learners to focus on the development of the higher level skills in a technological and management context
  • providing specialist studies relevant to individual vocations and professions

Having previously completed your 8 unit level 4 HNC, this HND level 5 course offers a balanced programme of engineering principles, design and applications within electrical and electronic fields.

You can find out more about the content of this Diploma by clicking on the level 5 units below:

  1. Research Project (H34 = 2 UNITS)
  2. Professional Engineering Management (H35)
  3. Further Mathematics (H39)
  4. Industrial Power, Electronics and Storage (H44)
  5. Industrial Systems -Control (H45)

Plus two more units from:


Entry requirements

  • The full course covers level  5 units, and are for learners with an appropriate level-4 qualification. If you have a level-3 engeering qualificat you need to complete an HNC in Electrical& Electronic Engineering first – see our HNC page for details. 
  • For UK residents where English is your second language an appropriate English qualification such as PTE 51 is required by Pearson.

Full HND Payment Options

To get started and enrolled please select payment choice (all prices include BTEC registration fee & VAT):

New HNC (RQF) to HND top-up

Full Payment: £2350 single payment

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21 Month Payment Plan: £125 deposit followed by 21 monthly payments of £125**

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10 Month Payment Plan: £230 deposit followed by 10 monthly payments of £230**

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HNC upgrade options assumes you are stepping up to HND from the 2017 RQF HNC specification. (If its an older HNC see below these options on how to upgrade)

Older HNC (QCF) to HND top-up

*Upgrading (Mapping) from older QCF HNC qualifications (pre 2017), will require to complete some additional  or parts of HNC units as required and mapped by Pearson (Edexcel)

Full Payment: £2985  single payment

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21 Month Payment Plan: £155 deposit followed by 21 monthly payments of £155**

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10 Month Payment Plan: £290 deposit followed by 11 monthly payments of £290**

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See: HNC Enginnering Mapping

To have your existing QCF HNC mapped please contact us at admin@tecol.co.uk. Note the total support time for a Mapped HND is 48 months

** We will contact you with direct debit arrangements