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Contact information:

  • TECOL telephone number: 0800 228 9215
  • Email (general/course queries):
  • Email (technical subject queries): or
  • Address: 48 Straid Road, Ahoghill, BT42 2NT 
  • BTEC centre number: 04943

Why choose TECOL?

At TECOL, we provide the opportunity to study a range of fully accredited (Pearson – Edexcel BTEC), nationally recognised, technical qualifications to complement your existing skills and interests. Our online teaching and learning methods utilise the ‘Moodle’ learning platform and we provide you with all learning materials required. We accept new learners all year round and all courses are delivered and assessed entirely online, hence, you have the flexibility to work in your own time and at your own pace. Our highly qualified & experienced tutors will fully support you throughout your course via email, Tel and live video calls.


-We accept ELCAS (Enhanced Learning Credits – Learner Provider No: 9967 – Technical Education Centre Open Learning Ltd (TECOL))

-Learning is self-paced and gives learners a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary

-Access to technical education is available to those in work who – cannot get day-release, work shifts, or regularly have to work or travel overseas

-Geographical barriers are eliminated, opening up broader education options

-On-demand access is provided meaning that learning can happen precisely when needed

-Costs are lower for companies needing to train employees, but can’t afford to lose staff to travel & attend college classes

-We accommodate multiple learning styles using a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners

-Tutor support  is provided via telephone, email and live video calls

-Courses can be customised on request

-We offer a range of flexible payment options

-We offer progression from BTEC level 3 courses to BTEC Level 4 HNC and BTEC Level 5 HND programmes

-You can progress directly from your BTEC HND Level 5 programme to university to ‘topup’ to a full degree

Course Purchase and Enrolment Process

PayPal or credit/debit card

When you order a course through our website, using Credit/Debit card or Paypal, we will be in contact with you within 2 working days to get you started:

  1. If you paid in full, you will receive an email with an enrolment form for you to fill in and return.
  2. If you paid a deposit, you will be sent details on setting up your direct debit and an enrolment form.
  3. When you return your enrolment form, we will then email you with login details for access to your course materials, along with course guidance and tutor contact details.

The overall process should not take any longer than 3 days, but if you don’t hear from us after 3 days at any stage of the process, it is likely that your email system may be blocking communications.  If this happens please contact us by Telephone on 0800 228 9215 or email:

Note: if the course is not for the same person on the order please let us know by sending details of the learner name and email address to:

Invoice payment

Alternatively, if the above on-line system is unsuitable, and you or your company requires an invoice that can be paid by bank transfer, just request this option from

Course Extension and Repeats

If your course support expires or you need to retake an assessment go to course extension and assessment repeat support page. Any course extension period starts from the date that your course had expired.

Paper copy of course material

If you prefer to have a paper course manual you can also order a paper copy of your course. Just go to your course main web page and scroll down to the appropriate cart.

Practical work kits

We have a range of website links and electronic kits that support study and assessment work

  • The ‘Electronics development kit’ (Electronic components, plus a multi-meter)

These can be can be ordered directly from our kits and equipment page.


98 Comments on “Support & Contact Details:

  1. A BTEC extended diploma contains 18 units, which is normally studied full time due to the amount of time required. Tecol can offer extended diplomas if required, please email for further details

  2. Jonathan

    It a perfectly good question, and the answer is yes
    All our BTEC level 3-5 courses are fully approved and accredited by Pearson-Edexcel, who are the largest UK qualification authority

  3. Craig
    As an on-line distance learning provider, all our courses are designed to study on a part-time basis. They have been designed to be flexible so that they can work around your other commitments. For a 9 unit diploma, we would expect you to study about 5-10 hours per week to ensure that you complete your course over a 2-3 year period

    • Hi there. I currently work as a machine setter and hopefully soon the company I work for will get in touch with you in order for me to start the BTEC level 3 Diplomas Engineering, my question is what do I need to do if I don’t have my GSCEs?

  4. Yes, the 24 months is the support time we offer for a 6 unit diploma, but you can complete the course in a shorter time if you wish.
    This is one of the advantages of our on-line courses.
    There will be 12 assessments for this diploma and you are in control of when to request them (in sequence) and how quickly to return them (must be within the assessment duration time). Your assigned tutor will normally mark and return them to you within 10 working days.
    So you have considerable control over how long it takes to complete the course

  5. We take care of all your course assessments. Currently these can be done at home, as there are no formal course exams to sit at exam centres

    • Hello

      I am wanting to study engineering at university and as a mature student I believe doing your btec would be my best choice.

      Would you recommend the 12 or 18 unit course?

      Also how long would you expect this to achieve while working full time and raising a child? I understand it’s different for everyone but do you think it could be completed in 2 years?


      • It depends what the University entry requirement as to what is best
        12 unit BTEC = 2 A-levels with up to 96 UCAS points and will take around 24 months to complete
        18 unit BTEC = 3 A-levels with up to 144 UCAS points and will take around 36 months to complete

  6. You can extend the 30 month period if required for a £30/mth extension fee
    Each module contains 2 assessments which you can complete anywhere, so no need to travel

  7. You can complete HNC after completing the BTEC level 3 6-unit course providing you gain an overall Merit grade,(otherwise you need 9 units at Pass grade)
    There are no other requirements

  8. There are unit restrictions on the QCF 6-unit diplomat set by Edexcel, so Analogue electronic is not valid unit on this course
    However if you want to study Analogue electronics you have 2 options – go for the 9 unit diploma where it is valid, or go for the new AME 6-unit course were you have freedom to pick any 3 units from the list provided on its webpage

  9. Dan
    You will be provided with all the notes you need to pass the course, so you wont have any problem with fluids or thermodynamics
    Yes use your UK address on your enrollment

  10. H44 is a level5 (HND) unit so cannot be studied within your HNC
    H15 or H32 can be changed to something else and we plan to add further options; so by the time you get through the first 4-5 units, more choices should be available for you to pick from

  11. In some ways yes they are, but they also branch into there own official qualification title like ‘electrical and electronic engineering’
    They also introduce projects which is were you now demonstrate your ability to research and develop a solution to a problem
    Finally they are recognised as being equivalent to 2 ‘A’ levels

  12. They are the same level as the old ONC, but it would be the same as the 12 unit diploma

    To complete the 9 unit diploma in 1 year you are looking at 15 hours per week, every week

  13. Once pay full or a deposit for the course our admin will send you an enrolment form and instructions on the log-in procees

  14. Your ‘A’ level will meet the entry requirements, but we recommend you also complete a couple of level bridging units to better prepare you for HNC
    The bridging are provided free of charge as part of your HNC and a good starting point

  15. Yes, you can, although it makes sense to carry outthe units in a particular sequence as many are linked. However you can start with drawing as its not linked

  16. Yes, although you will need to complete a couple of level 3 bridging units which are included in the price of the HNC courses

  17. The HNC/D course material is mainly read material with some practical exercises depending on the units.
    Each unit has 2 assessments which are usually written pieces of work, which you complete offline and in your own time
    At this level there are no multiple choice type questions

  18. Assessments are normally worded, mathematical, graphical and practical exercises. Time given is 4-6 weeks depending on assessment

  19. Yes we accept technical level 3 qualifications, although you will be required to complete a level 3 bridging course (3 short units) to bring up-to-date your maths and science knowledge and skills. This is included in the HNC price

  20. Yes, we have just added a fast track extended diploma in engineering course (18 unit) to our website for students who want direct access to University

  21. Although 6 units is equal to 1 A-level, I understand that UCAS only show the UCAS points for 12 units on their site; which I believe is 96 points (so half of that would be 48)

  22. It would not be a wise move to skip level 3, as some of the topic would simply be too difficult such as mathematics.
    We would recommend that you spend an extra year completing a 6-unit BTEC level 3 Award in order to prepare for your HNC

  23. You best option is to start with a 3 unit Mech foundation award and when complete, upgrade it to Mech & Elec (General) engineering by adding 3 more units for a full Award.

    This way there will be no duplication of units.

  24. You can, but it makes more sense to go for a 9 or 12 unit Mech & Electrical certifate or diploma that includes all the units you want to do, rather than doing 2 separate courses.

  25. Yes, BTEC have a mapping system which gives credit to existing HNC units and a pathway to the latest HND engineering qualification
    If you wish to have your existing qualification mapped please send a copy of your HNC, showing units achieved, to

  26. Craig

    You probably now have already received instruction as to the next step on enrollment, BTEC registration and course material access, but if not, please email or call us on 0800 2289215

  27. Lewis my recommendation would either start with a short 3 unit course, or if you are fully committed to this career path then 9 or 12 unit level diploma.
    You can also ring Tecol to discuss further.

  28. If you have a full NVQ level 3 we can bridge you across to HNC. Otherwise we would recommend a full BTEC L3 12 unit Diploma in electrical and electronic engineering.
    If this is too much to initially complete, then go for a 6 unit Award and upgrade later to 12 units or move to HNC at that stage.

  29. If you have a full NVQ level 3 we can bridge you across to HNC. Otherwise we would recommend a full BTEC L3 12 unit Diploma in electrical and electronic engineering.
    If this is too much to initially complete, then go for a 6 unit Award and upgrade later to 12 units or move to HNC at that stage.
    You can also discuss option by calling 08002289215

  30. Hi,

    I have a nvq lvl 2 and would like to do a HNC in electrical and electronics would you say that the bridging units will suffice for the lvl 3 gap and if not what do you recommend?

    • No, the bridging is designed for learners who have some L3 qualifications such as L3 NVQ. If you have level 2 only,you will need complete at least a L3 6 unit Award as per the entry requirements stated on our HNCs

  31. Hi, is the btec level 3 extended diploma accredited by universities? Is it one of the post-2016 national diplomas?

    • Yes the extended diploma attracts UCAS points roughly the same as 3 A-levels. To check exactly the points, go to UCAS and enter the exact qualification

  32. If I were to study 20 hours a week, how long would it take to complete a BTEC Level 3 in Mechanical Engineering with 6 units?

    I would then hope to move onto a HNC/D

    Also, I would be looking to purchase the BTEC within the next few days. Would it be possible to complete on an IPad ? Or will I have to use a computer?


    • You dont normally to the welcome email, our admin normally will send you instructions on the stages of the enrollment process. If you are have difficulty emailing then it looks like your email system or antivirus is blocking you, which is very odd. If still no joy simply ring us on 0800 228 9215 to discuss

  33. Are there any courses suitable for a 16 year old?
    He will be taking 1-2 years away from the U.K. but would like to do some study in mechanical engineering during this time?

    • We normally start learners from 18+ but can in exceptional circumstances such as yours, accept learners onto BTEC level 3. Can you send an email with your requirements and your son’s GCSE grades to

  34. If I were to start just by doing the stand alone course from the 3-unit. Would I receive a certificate or would you have to complete the full 3-unit in one go? Also, I am due out of the country for 6 months next year. Would I still be able to have access to my account whilst out in Asia to complete it?

  35. Hi I have done 120 credits of open university in Engineering and Technology level 4, I have also done NVQ 3 years ago. I’d like to consider doing the HNC operations course, would I be able to with the Quals I have within 2 years?

    • Yes you would have completed enough for HNC entry. We also provide free level 3 bridging units if you need to brush up some topics.

  36. Hi, I have a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering in Nigeria, would like to take courses here to brush up my skill for my Employer. Kindly advise what level would be require of me to start?

    • Providing you have a UK address, we would be happy for you to complete an HNC (Level 4) in Electrical & Eletronic Engineering

  37. What happens after I complete the HNC in Digital technologies can I progress into the HND in TECOL or do I have to go to another college? unfortunately, other colleges around my city don’t offer the course and that seems to be the case online as well.

  38. I have a question. I have no technician education and no experience on such field at all. I’d like to start new career and become the RME. Is BTEC Level 3 Foundation Award in Mechanical Engineering suitable for the beginning for such begginer as me who like to become the RME? If not are there any available courses on BTEC for the begginers which will help me to start it? I’d like to get in touch with any course advisors to get more info and to discuss about it.

    • Although you can start with a 3 unit foundation award and upgrade afterwards, the best option is the the 9 unit certificate as this gives a good range of mechanical subjects.
      You can certainly discuss your needs and options with our course advisors, just call 0800 228 9215

  39. I am looking to start the full HND course. If I start on a payment plan do I have the opportunity to over pay or do I have to stick to the 11 months. I personally would like to do it in two or three instalments ?


  40. Indeed HND (level 5) can follow HNC (level 4)

    We have only start using social media so it is at quite low level.

    We have been delivering BTEC qualification since 2014. We are fully accredited by Pearson and our BTEC technical centre number is available on our website as well as our Phone no. email address and address see

  41. I have completed 3 units from HNC level 4 from other provider but due family circumstances I didn’t complete remaining 5 units. Can I complete remaining 5 units with Tecol and would it be possible to pay per unit. Hiw much it would cost per 5 units all together.
    I have certificate for cometed 3 units.

  42. Hi, I currently hold a level 6 NVQ in construction management and have significant experience within the electrical industry, would this suffice for entry to the HNC in electrical engineering?

  43. I have a City and Guilds Level 3 Award in 2D Computer Aided Design. Would I be able to take my HNC in Engineering with this?

    Also, how many hours a week do you need to set aside for the course to be completed and by what timescale?

    • Although we would need to see the content of your course and if a reasonable amount of math and science is covered then yest. If not we would recommend a BTEC level 3, 6 unit Award

  44. I am contacting you to enquire about a Level 3 Btec course in Advanced manufacturing engineering (electrical/electronic).
    I have already completed 5 units for the diploma which you can see in the photo attached. I am wondering if there would be an option to continue this course with Tecol in order to complete the Btec Level 3 Diploma.

  45. Hi ,I would appreciate if you answered my questions.
    How long would it normally take to complete the BTEC level 3 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 12 unit?
    What are the entry requirements?
    Shall I start BTEC level 3 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 12 unit without a GCSE Grades in English?
    (I’m currently student in Functional Skills Level1 ,also I have a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering from overseas. )
    Many thanks ,

    • How long would it normally take to complete the BTEC level 3 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 12 unit? Around 24 months
      What are the entry requirements? UK resident and be at least 18 years old (No academic qualifications required)
      Shall I start BTEC level 3 Electrical and Electronic Engineering 12 unit without a GCSE Grades in English? Yes you can, but an English qualification will be required for Level4

  46. Hi. How can we arrange an assessment to identify which course it’s the best for me to start with,if it is possible? I’ve an equivalent to bachelor qualification in mechanical engineering .

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