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The skills that you develop as an engineer are incredibly valuable and highly sought after. People will turn to you to help solve problems for them. The ability to provide practical solutions to problems is crucial and will give you great confidence when faced with any challenge or obstacle. Engineering Awards are a great place to start improving your technical knowledge and skills, or to add a qualification to your CV.

These 1 unit courses are suitable those who wish to study a specific topic or want to try a shorter level 3 course before committing to a formal BTEC qualification. These 1  unit awards are set to the same standard as BTEC qualifications and can be credited towards BTEC L3 Awards,  Certificates or Diplomas in Engineering; thus providing a progressive qualification pathway for your future career development.

1-Unit Tecol Level-3 Awards

General units

Mechanical units

Electrical & Electronic units

Automotive units

All ‘Tecol level-3 Award’ course material includes detailed assessments and 4 months per unit tutor support.

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59 Comments on “TECOL Level-3 Single-Unit Awards

  1. Please can you describe the assessment process once you have completed a module or series of modules? Is there an assessment centre or is it conducted on-line etc?

    • Clive

      During the study of a module (which usually has 4 sections), at least 2 assessments will issued to you to complete within a certain time period (usually 3-4 weeks).
      These will be marked by tutor who will also provide feedback for any corrections required
      Corrections are then normally resubmitted by you within 10 working days.
      When the assessments are passes you can move on to the next module.
      If modules are part of the approved Edexcel list, you can be also registered for a BTEC certificate in engineering

      Hope this helps

  2. Kevin

    Each Award should take about 3 months, but we will provide support for 4 months (we can extend this for special circumstances e.g. moving job/house etc)

    Yes, for example Btec Certificate only requires 3 units, but you need to check our certificates to ensure you pick relevant units to gain Edexcel approval

    We offer 12 months support for Certificates and 24 months for diplomas

    Hope this helps


  3. Hi,
    Can you confirm the number of credits for your Diploma in Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical) please. If you only do 6 units is this not just 60 credits which would make it a Subsidiary Diploma in Engineering. I need to know I am selecting enough credits for my university course.


  4. I am currently living and working in Slovenia.
    My current employer has requested I obtain qualifications in Electro/Mechanical engineering.
    Would I be able to study through Tecol, I am asking as, although I am British, I am not resident in the UK.

    I am also unsure as to which units my employer would require me to study, therefore I would probably start with single units then build into a BTEC certificate or Diploma is this acceptable?

    Best Regards


    • Yes, you can study level 3 outside the UK. You can start with 1 unit and step up to certificate and diploma when these suit you

  5. How long till I receive my direct debit email? Can I call you to make the process a bit faster?

    • Our direct debit is sent direct to you from GoCardless within 2 working days. If not received double check any spam or junk email folders, and if not there then email admin@tecol.co.uk requesting a resend

  6. my name is Ilunga Monga Abraham 42years from Drc congo as a freelance technician in electronics and electrical with nice background in electrical and electronics engineering,Maths i could complet my technical high school i had no money to sit national exam what can i do to have tecol qualification i always dream to have uk qualification i have 22years experience

    • Ilunga

      I think your best step would be to first sit your national exam, as it will probably less expensive than completing a certificate or diploma with us
      Our prices are shown on our website

  7. Hello.

    I currently have a BTEC Diploma in Engineering and a NVQ level 3 in Areonautical engineering. All of which achieved through the military. I am looking to add more electronic/electrical to my CV. Would it be better for me to enrol on an electrical diploma or do individual units/awards to suit my needs. I don’t want to waste time re learning things I’ve already done.


    • Given your current qualifications, it would make more sense to enrol on HNC in Electrical/Electronic engineering, but if you want just to gain some knowledge then individual level 3 units : Unit 4 – Electronics and Unit 18 – Electrical Machines are popular

  8. I graduated and also did a master degree in business in my original country, and I am now living in the UK for many years. I always thought about going to university again to study engineering, but the time and hassle involved in attending the classes in person discouraged me. Doing the course online would offer an alternative, but then there is the important question: the diplomas your offer are the same as a graduation diploma from an university done in a conventional way? Thanks in advance for any clarifications you could provide. Paulo

    • I guess the best approach for you if changing to engineering would be BTEC 6-unit L3 dip with merit-> 8 unit L4 HNC -> 8 unit L5 HND -: final year of degree (L6)
      For details of our level 3,4,5 courses see our website

  9. My Name is ERNEST KOUASSI and i am living and working in Ivory Coast in oil and gas industry as electrician. i want to upgrade my education so i am interested in the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (Electrical/Electronic) – 9 unit. Will it be possible for me as i am not uk resident?

  10. Hi! I would like to know is it possible for me who’s not a UK resident to do the course? I like to start the Btec level 3 with award first then to procced up with Certificate..please advice me on this and as well as i am 53 years old and is Tecol still conducting all the courses which has been mentioned in the web page. Looking forward to hear from you soon. TQ

    • Yes, normally students are UK residents, occasionally a non UK resident have enrolled. Are courses have been designed to provide an upgrade path from Awards through to certificates and diplomas.

      All courses currently shown on our website are available

  11. Hi! I would like to know is it possible for me who’s not a UK resident to do the course? I like to start the Btec level 3 with award first then to procced up with Certificate..please advice me on this and as well as i am 53 years old and is Tecol still conducting all the courses which has been mentioned in the web page. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

  12. Would I need to purchase CAD software for the Engineering Drawing for Technicians unit or is it supplied with the course material?

  13. Hi,

    Is successful completion of your three bridging courses enough to gain entry onto the HNC in general engineering?

    Many thanks,

    • Our HNC bridging is for learners who currently have some level 3 (or higher) qualifications.
      If you only have level 2 such as GCSEs youe will require at least a BTEC level 3 6 unit diploma at merit grade

  14. If I did a L4 HNC and then wanted to access civil engineering or chemical engineering would that be an option with doing a L4 or even L5 engineering course with TECOL

    • You would be able to do civil or chemical engineering after HNC/HND, but the University may require you to complete an additional year so that you cover their specialised modules. Always check with the University beforehand to see what their requirements are

  15. Good afternoon. Is there any form of identification or documentation as to prove the legitimacy of this business. This may come across as rude or overly cautious, however there is quite a bit of money on the line; and this style of study programme fits my needs perfectly.

    • Accreditation number from Pearson (Edexcel) BTEC centre number: 04943
      If you need further information please see our support page or ring us

      • If I am to complete my General Engineering (12 Unit) Diploma, would I then be able to add on 3 extra units in bulk to enhance my learning? I would not wish to upgrade to the 18 unit extended diploma but I think perhaps I would like to study an additional 3 units without having to purchase them individually.

  16. I have an nvq level 2 and would like to go for a btec level 3 how many modules do I need to do to ensure I have a full level 3 btech??

    • Liam, we would recommend at least 6 units at level 3, as this can give you future options like HNC
      Depending on the employer ‘full btec’ can be 6, 9 or 12 units

  17. Can I work through individual units then gain L3 certificate once I have completed enough units? And then carry on through the diploma a unit at a time? I’m just conscious I don’t want to pay for a full diploma and not get on with the online learning.


  18. Hi there I am a qualified electrician I have 2360 Part 1&2 NVQ Level 3 City and Guilds 2356. I also have City and Guilds 2391 Testing and Inspection. I currently work as a Controls Engineer, I am interested in doing a HNC in Mechanical engineering HVAC what is the requirements for this course regards.

    • you can gain direct entry to HNC, but will be ruined to complete 2 level-3 Bridging units, to improve your maths and science knowledge. There are further details on the Web page

  19. Hi Guys,

    Just wondering how long on average it takes to complete your Level 3 Btec (12unit) in Electrical/Mechanical engineering? I understand it varies from person to person, naturally. But, if the hours are consistently put in, would it be possible to complete within 6-12 months?


    • A lot depends on the number of hours you can put in each week e.g. 5 hours/week – 36 months, 10 hours/week – 18 months
      It would be difficult to complete within 12 months unless you can put in 15-20 hours per week

  20. I would like to know more about the Assessment Process- Could I know what it’s like- Is it a Test, Maybe an Assignment or just a general coursework based?
    Also- Do you do any other Units for IT? Maybe a diploma? Etc

    • Across all our courses we set 2 assessments per unit of study, these are generally of an investigative or analytical type that are completed in a specified number of weeks. There are no exams or general ongoing course work.
      We currently offer 3 unit level-3 certificate in IT and depending on demand, would be happy to expand this to cover more units and courses.

  21. Hello Guys,

    Do you offer any More 1 Unit Awards? Other than the 19 you already do.
    Such as Unit 36- Business Ops or Unit 7 Materials?


  22. Realistically, if you had 25-30 hours to study per week, how quickly could you complete a L3 90 credit diploma in E&E Engineering?

    • The total number of learner hours is estimated to be: 9 units x 60 = 540 hrs; so in theory you could complete the course within 6 months

  23. Hello, I am interested in trying to learn some sort of one unit award in the electronic/engineering field.

    I only have GCSE education level (including 5 grades A-C at least)

    I have been out of education since I left school at 16 and I am now 30.

    I currently work at Amazon, but I am interested in getting qualifications in electrical engineering so I could hopefully join their team of engineers one day.

    My question is, will trying to lean a one unit award be achievable having only GCSE level education? Or will the course just go completely over my head?

    Will it teach basic understandings of the subject and move forward or is the course going to deal with complex concepts from the get go?

    I just don’t want to pay for a course only to find out I’m really going to struggle to understand any of it. What do you suggest? Thank you.

    • With GCSEs you will be fine as BTEC is the next level up.
      If you are eligible for an Amazon voucher, you simply email admin@tecol.co.uk with your voucher and course name, they will process it all for you

  24. Hi,

    I have just come out of the military. I have a diploma is mechanical engineering & installation. However I would like to progress this and also get into Electrical engineering. Please can you give me a recommendation for this and why this would be the best option.

    Thank you in advance.

    • IF your diploma is a BTEC level 3 (mechanical), and you also wish to get into electrical, then an HNC Level 4 in general (mechanical and electrical) engineering would be a great option for you, as it would develop both areas for you – see our website for details

  25. Hi I can see HNC in digital technologies
    Any idea on when HND level 5 in digital technologies will be available?

    • We have approval for HND level 5 in DT, but we want to run the HNC level 4 for a couple of years to get a measure of its success. If HNC is a success then its possible to run the HND in 2026/27

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