UA12 Engineering Drawing for Technicians.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – UA12 Engineering Drawing for Technicians.

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL unit in Engineering, or as part of an Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 qualification in Engineering.  

Aim and purpose

This unit will enable learners to produce engineering drawings of different components, assemblies and circuits using a variety of sketching, drawing and computer-aided drafting techniques.

Unit introduction

An understanding of how graphical methods can be used to communicate information about engineering products is an important step for anyone thinking of taking up a career in engineering. This unit gives learners an introduction to the principles of technical drawings and their applications using hand drawing and computer-aided drafting (CAD) techniques.

Learners will start by carrying out freehand sketching of simple engineering products using pictorial methods that generate three-dimensional images.

Learners are then introduced to a more formalised drawing technique that conforms to British Standards and will put this into practice through a number of drawing exercises. A consistent presentation style will be used as learners draw single part components and simple engineering assemblies.

Having learned the principles of engineering drawing, learners will then move on to using a two-dimensional (2D) CAD system for the production of drawings using basic set-up, drawing and editing commands. Overall, the unit will develop learners’ ability to create technical drawings and allow them to compare the use of manual and computer aided methods of producing engineering drawings.

On completion of this unit a you should:

  1. Be able to sketch engineering components

  2. Be able to interpret engineering drawings that comply with drawing standards

  3. Be able to produce engineering drawings

  4. Be able to produce engineering drawings using a computer aided drafting (CAD) system.