UA16 Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – UA16 Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

This unit can be studied as a standalone unit in Engineering, or as part of an Pearson/Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 qualification in Engineering.

Aim and purpose

This unit aims to give you opportunity to explore some of the specialist techniques found in engineering that are used to machine or finish complicated shapes.

Unit introduction

For everyday products and components to be manufactured to a required standard, the machines that produce them need to be operated in an efficient and safe manner. During this process, trial components are made to check accuracy and ensure a minimum amount of waste during production. Machine operators will produce better components if they are aware of a range of finishing and secondary processes that can be used. A secondary process is where raw material or a component is taken for further working, usually involving material removal, and is carried out after a primary forming process.


On completion of this unit you should:

1 Understand how a range of secondary machining techniques are used

2 Know how a range of non-traditional techniques are used

3 Know how heat treatment processes and assembly techniques are used

4 Know how finishing techniques are used.

This unit will give you an opportunity to examine a range of secondary processing machines, their design and application.

12 Comments on “UA16 Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

  1. Hi i currently work as a cnc miller but i am self taught and have no qualifications to back it this course the one i would need to do and is it a recognised qualification

    • Yes it is the widely recognised technical qualification in the UK.As you are an experienced engineer we do not ask for any entry requirements, just a committment to work through your course materials and assessmets

  2. Hi

    I’m interested in doing the level 3 Btec (9 unit – mechanical). Please could you tell me if the course is all theory based or if practical work is also involved requiring evidence to be documented and submitted? Also could please tell me what a typical unit involves where assignments are concerned? For example does it involve essays, reports or other forms of work.


    • BTEC courses focus on the knowledge side and not the practical skills, this is the job of NVQs
      There are two assessments per unit which may include essays, drawings and mathematics depending on the unit

  3. This may sound like a silly question, is the level 3 relevant to automotive engineering? If not do you do any courses that are?

    • Its a good question
      At technician level, employers want to see both knowledge and ability to learn and solve problems – BTEC level 3 can demonstrate this
      For specific auto knowledge, we are now offering the new AME BTEC qualification which has an automotive pathway – see our level 3 courses for details

  4. Hello I’m looking at doing a BTEC level 3 I currently work as Maintenance fitter
    But qualified as a car mechanic
    But this is no longer relevant to my job.
    What are the entry requirements to get on the course?

  5. I have worked as a mech tech for 17 years after leaving the navy where I worked as Marine engineering mechanic, I started working in oil industry in 2002 as coil tubing tech then in 2005 started as Rov technician /pilot. And senior pipelay tech having done Hydraulic and HV courses.
    In 2015 when oil went bust I started working as mechanical and electrical maintenance supervisor for NHS. I was in charge of 42 running my section effectively, I then went back offshore in 2018 and in 2019 started work at my current employer. Now 15 months later asking for proof of training, I lost all documentation in 2015 in flood.

    I have explained the Navy did different qualifications such as CG201, I have also done Hydraulic level 1 and 2, HV, I have contacted RN for records and CG but as can be expected in the current climate this is taking ages.
    Now my company are demanding a certificate even though I’ve bailed them out the crap on multiple times.. I need a certificate to prove what I’ve done for last 15 years…

    • Sorry to here that. The only thing you can do is retake a similar qualification. Completion may be faster for you, given your knowledge and background.
      For you I would recommend the BTEC level-3 Certificate in Engineering – this is a 9 unit course (Mechanical pathway) and the content can be seen on our website.

  6. what is the course pre-entry requirements for a 3 unit level 3 course please? Also do you accept learners under 18 with GCSE’s?

    • The only entry requirement is that you are 18 or over as we believe that local colleges provide better support needed by younger learners

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