UA31 Features and Applications of Electrical Machines

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – UA31 Features and Applications of Electrical Machines

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL unit in Engineering, or as part of an Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 qualification in Engineering.  

Aim and purpose

This unit aims to give you the knowledge and an understanding of the features and applications of a range of electrical machines (motors, generators and transformers) and the hazards, legislation and regulations related to working with electrical apparatus

Unit introduction

All electrical machines use applications of electro-magnetic principles where electric currents create magnetic fields, which either attract or repel each other. This is the basis of all DC and AC electric motors and generators. Transformers are devices that also use the principle of electromagnetism. These are generally very efficient and their output power can be almost 100 per cent of the input power, depending on the application.

Further, this unit has been designed to help you understand the complexities of electromagnetism and its applications to everyday electrical devices, systems and apparatus. Learners will consider a range of machines, their application and their control. In addition, the unit will help learners understand relevant electrical hazards, legislation, regulation and standards.


On completion of this unit you should:

1 Know the electrical hazards and the legislation, regulations and standards related to working with electrical apparatus

2 Understand alternating current (AC) machines

3 Understand direct current (DC) machines

4 Know how electrical machine control circuits and systems operate.

This unit will give you an opportunity to examine a range of electrical machines, their design, control and application.

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  1. Is it possible to change 1 of my units in my level 3 btec even though I have already started my course

  2. Hi,
    How do I select my desired modules before singing in up to the couse. I would like to exclude some of the modules as I have already taken them before. And would I still get the level 3 certification if I chose to take only 6 or 7 modules out of the 9?

    Thank you

    • Simply email the name of your course, a copy of your Btec confirmation report/certificate of existing modules, and list of what modules you would like. We will then match these up to what you ask for providing it fits within the BTEC qualification rules.

  3. Hi if i complete just the 6 unit for electrical btec level 3 do i still get a certificate like if i did the 9 unit course?

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