UA1 Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – UA1 Health and Safety in the Engineering Workplace

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering, or as part of an Pearson/Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 qualification.

The welfare of people working or operating in any manufacturing or engineering environment is of prime importance. All workers should be able to carry out their work in a safe manner that has no negative effect on their health and wellbeing. In fact, many organisations not only reduce risks and make improvements to the working environment, but try to make their own working environment superior to others, making it a competitive aspect when recruiting staff.

Health and safety in the workplace is about measures designed to protect the health and safety of employees, visitors and the general public who may be affected by workplace activities. Safety measures are concerned with controlling and reducing risks to anyone who might be affected by these activities.

Health and safety is controlled largely by legislation and regulations, with the law being continually revised and updated. It is important that organisations are aware of these changes and keep up to date with developments.

This unit will give learners an understanding of hazards and risks associated with health, safety and welfare in an engineering workplace, the associated legislation and regulations, and of their roles in complying with the related legal obligations. Learners will be required to undertake full risk assessments and to appreciate the significant risks encountered in the workplace and the measures taken to deal with them. They will study the principles of reporting and recording accidents and incidents, again within a legal context.

This unit could form a key component in many learning programmes since the content is highly applicable to many manufacturing, engineering and industrial situations.

Note that the use of ‘e.g.’ in the content is to give an indication and illustration of the breadth and depth of the area or topic. As such, not all content that follows an ‘e.g.’ needs to be taught or assessed.

Learning outcomes

1 Understand health and safety legislation and regulations 2 Know about hazards and risks in the workplace

3 Understand the methods used when reporting and recording accidents and incidents.

This unit form a key component within many learning programmes since the content is highly applicable to many manufacturing, engineering and industrial situations.

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  1. Hi I currently have a NEBOSH general certificate would I still need to do the H&S element to obtain the full level 3 mech eng cerificate?

    • Steve
      The answer is yes as the course content and level are not the same, but given that you have NEBOSH you should be able to complete it with very little difficulty

  2. Hi, I see for the full certificate it’s 180 hours. 12 months. If a person is working through the coursework quicker can it be completed in less than the 12 months .



    • Alison

      Yes, the 12 months is the support time we off for a certificate, but you can complete the course in a shorter time if you wish.
      This is one of the advantages of our on-line courses.

  3. Hi, I have done 2 awards, Electrical and Electronic Principles,And Mathematics for Engineering Technicians both Distinction Grades,If I was to do the Health and Safety in the engineering workplace award would this get me the Btec level 3 certificate in Electrical Engineering, & would I receive that from your company after I have shown proof that I achieved the grades.

  4. hi im interested in taking a course with you , is it all online inc examinations what happens if i dont complete within 12 months , any extra costs i can expect ? thanks barry

    • The course is all distance learning with 2 assessments per unit, no formal exam

      If you require more than 12 months then we ah a £30/mth extension fee

  5. Hi, I am a just graduated mechanical engineer, I got my degree abroad, and I am looking for develop my knowledge and get a certificate in the UK, I am currently working so I am not sure if that could be a problem, I know the courses are online but could I take the classes whenever I can? Thanks

    • Yes, you can top up additional BTEC qualifications. As the courses are on-lone you can study wherever and whenever it suits you

  6. How many units does it take to complete a BTEC level 3 in mechanical engineering is it 3,6,9 or 12 units to get the award

    • There are BTEC qualification certificates available at all these stages. The most popular are 6-unit or 9-unit diplomas as these provide a pathway to HNC

  7. On average how long does it take to complete the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Electrical / Electronic Engineering? What is the recommend study time per week for each of the 12 units?

    • Each L3 unit has 60 guided learning hours so at 5 hrs/week each unit will take around 12 weeks or 3 months, so 12 units would take 12×3 = 36 months
      However the BTEC registration for QCF version of the course ends in Nov-Dec 2022 so you would need to complete it in under 34 months (so about 6hrs/wk)

    • NCQ and BTEC are a little different
      NVQ are competency, practical based courses to let employers know about your level of skill
      BTEC are knowledge based courses at technician level and are also recognised as pathway to higher education such as HNC/D and degrees

  8. If I take a 6 unit btec deploma in engineering (mechanical) will this qualification then allow me to take a level 4 HNC in engineering (operations)

  9. Hi, I already hold a few units to the NC in mechanical engineering. I’m looking to do the 13 unit course. Could these be put towards this Couse?

    I can send copies of what I already hold to ascertain if this is possible. Thanks

    • If you have an official record of achievement of the units, they can mapped against the current course and if relevant, you can get these credited. To get this checked send a copy of them to

  10. If I buy courses that require to pay for Edexcel registration, will I have to pay again to register with Edexcel if I then upgrade later on? Or is the Edexcel registration a one time deal as I see the registration costs increase with the number of units.

  11. I’m confused as to where to start. I’m an experienced Engineer and hold City and Guilds 18th Edition plus City and Guilds High Voltage Authorised Person. I’m an Authorised Person for Mechanical, Confined Spaces, Low Voltage and High Voltage. I’ve an Engineering career starting in Air Conditioning and want to get some formal qualifications behind it all. Question is should I start at Level 3 Certificate /Diploma or would I be ok going to HNC with bridging units? I was considering trying out a Level 3 Award first to see how the learning experience is, maybe getting a Level 3 Certificate before going to HNC?

    Second question is I see that the older Level 3 Diplomas are being phased out in favour of Awards? Does this mean anything and is the new Award as valuable as the older Diploma?

    • For HNC entry you require a level 3 qualification, so the bridging is designed for those who have partial level 3 qualifications
      In your case a 6 unit level 3 course is recommended. The title for these 6 unit courses has been changed from Diploma to Award, otherwise its mainly the same.
      You can still do the old or new qualification if registered by the end of August

  12. Hi I’m currently working as a coded pipe welder but am considering retraining to become a wind turbine technician. Could you please advise me as to what courses could be suitable for me or whether it would actually be possible to retrain through a btec pathway to obtain the relevant qualifications needed for this role ?

    • Depending on your existing qualifications we offer BTEC courses at levels 3-5
      In our HNC/D (level 4/5) courses, up to 20% of their content now specialises in renewable energy technology and sustainability.
      If demand increases further and BTEC rules permit, we would be happy to develop more units in this very important sector

  13. I am looking to make a complete career to engineering. My last time in education was for a healthcare related degree 12 years ago ( did not complete ) my goal would be to earn the level 3 extended diploma for direct university entry or maybe first HND and later “ top up” at a university to earn the degree.

    Since I have been out of education for so long and most of the material will be new for me would you recommend starting with the 3 unit course or should I try the unit heavier courses ?

    Thank you

    • Yes you can start with 3 units, as this can be upgraded at a later date. You can also ring Tecol to discuss further.

  14. To whom it may concern,

    I was just wondering what referencing system you use in regards to this course?

    OSCOLA (due to the legislative element)

    Or an alternative form of referencing?

  15. I am an experienced engineer (32 years) with L3 qualifications in welding/fabrication/electrical installation/project management/ and IOSH level 2 but I am and have been a mechanical engineer for many years. I would like to get a qualification to back up my mechanical experience. What should I choose?

    • If you have a full NVQ level 3 we can bridge you across to HNC. Otherwise we would recommend a full BTEC L3 9 unit certificate in engineering (mechanical pathway).
      If this is too much to initially complete, then go for a 6 unit Award and upgrade later to 9 units.
      You can also discuss option by calling 08002289215

  16. Hi, My son is home-schooled and already has level 2 maths and English, which he completed this year, can he study these units? it says 18 and over but his level 2 were supposed to be for 16+ but they made and exception because he was home-schooled and had parental consent – is this possible please? – we would just be looking to do 1 unit at a time up to the full 9 unit Motorsport engineering diploma, he also races and maintains his own rotax 125 go kart which would help towards any practical elements. He is 14 years old.

    • BTEC set a minimum age of 16 for level 3 qualifications in line with A-levels. We prefer 18+ as they are more able to focus in studying on-line. We would be willing to take on your son but 16 is the minimum age permitted.

  17. I have a Btec national certificate in Manufacturing engineering (mechanical). I want to do the electrical side. Do I need to do the complete electrical btec or can I just do add ons?

    • You can normally upgrade, but it depends on when your completed your BTEC and what units you completed. To get a proper check send you exiting qualification details to our, who will review it for you

  18. Hi I’m wanting a complete change in career to electrical engineering is this the best course for me and also what’s the total cost for every unit needed to pass the level 3 as my employer has agreed to cover the costs

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