UA3 Mathematics for Engineering Technicians

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – UA3 Mathematics for Engineering Technicians

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL unit in Engineering, or as part of an Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 qualification in Engineering.  

One of the main responsibilities of engineers is to solve problems quickly and effectively. This unit will enable learners to solve mathematical, scientific and associated engineering problems at technician level. It will also act as a basis for progression to study other units, both in the qualification, such as Unit 6: Further Engineering Mathematics, and at BTEC Higher National level.

This unit enables learners to build on knowledge gained at GCSE and use it in a more practical context for their chosen discipline. Learning outcome 1 will develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of algebraic methods, from a look at the use of indices in engineering to the use of the algebraic formula for solving quadratic equations. Learning outcome 2 involves the introduction of the radian as another method of angular measurement, the shape of the trigonometric ratios and the use of standard formulae to solve problems involving surface areas and volumes of regular solids. Learning outcome 3 requires learners to represent statistical data in a variety of ways and calculate the mean, median and mode.

Finally, learning outcome 4 is intended as a basic introduction to the arithmetic of elementary calculus.

Note that the use of ‘e.g.’ in the content is to give an indication and illustration of the breadth and depth of the area or topic. As such, not all content that follows an ‘e.g.’ needs to be taught or assessed.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

  • Be able to use algebraic methods
  • Be able to use trigonometric methods and standard formulae to determine areas and volumes
  • Be able to use statistical methods to display data
  • Be able to use elementary calculus

26 Comments on “UA3 Mathematics for Engineering Technicians

  1. Hello, I have done 2 awards, Electrical and Electronic Principles,And Mathematics for Engineering Technicians,If I was to do the Health and Safety in the engineering workplace award would this get me the Btec level 3 certificate in Electrical Engineering ? Thanks.

    • David
      If we have evidence of completing the 2 Awards successfully along with their grades from an accredited BTEC centre, then yes you would be able to upgrade to a BTEC certificate by upgrading the mandatory unit – Health & safety

  2. Hi, just wondering what kind of support will be given throughout course? I have not been in education for 7 years, i am worried In case the course is to challenging and I waste a substantial amount of money. I am looking to do 6-unit level 3 mechanical engineering course.

    • There is 14 day money back guarantee, also you can reduce your risk with a deposit and direct debit arrangement
      You will be assigned a tutor for each unit, who can be contacted by Skype or email. There is also Skype chat at the end of each unit and an induction chart at the start of the course

  3. hello,
    i have completed my level 3 maths and level 3 health and safety but it was for electrical engineering, would i need to also complete both units for this course aswell. thanks

  4. Hi,

    I took an ONC in electrical and electronic principles back in 1994. I came away with a record of achievement but not the full ONC. The units I passed are as follows: Engineering Applications of computers, industry, and society, electronics, microelectronic systems, common skills A and B.

    Is it possible I could take individual units to top up to the full certificate and if so which ones?

    • Your ONC which was over 25 years ago, is no long provided as a course and has been replaced by the 12 unit BTEC diploma. None of your units passed now exist, so cant be credited against the new qualification, however your past knowledge should make it easier and quicker for you to complete a BTEC level 3 qualification

  5. Hi,
    Wondering could studying a couple of these 1 unit awards allow me to Taylor my qualification to get a certificate in engineering?

    • Yes you can start with 1 unit and add more to gain accredited BTEC qualifications.
      When upgrading, our technical team can assist you in choosing the correct units

  6. Do I need to be in full-time employment to do these courses to carry out tasks that are asked and take pictures like assessment on the job?
    Or is everything done online in a classroom environment?

    • You don’t need to be in full time employment although work experience helps in understanding some of the topics.
      Everything you need is online including the assessments, so no classroom visits are required

  7. Hello,

    I don’t have GCSE in Maths. will i be able to enroll onto Mathematics for Engineering Technicians Unit/course?

  8. Hello. I’m currently qualified with City and Guilds Level 3 in electronics and electrical installation (past courses which no longer exist, C&G 2240 and 2330) and work as an electrical technician for a manufacturing industry in the engineering team. I’d like to gain my BTECH, can I take each unit at my own pace, buying/completing the next when ready to gain my full BTECH in electrical engineering?

  9. Hi. What modules are mandatory in order to gain the level 3 btec certificate. Thanks in advance

  10. Hello, currently I’m working as a manufacturing technician and got NVQ L2 certificate in mechanical engineering. What units would I need to choose to get NVQ L3 engineering diploma? Thanks

    • BTEC level 3 is different to Level 3 NVQ – BTEC can be taught inline but NVQ requiresto be completed in a workshop

  11. With regards to the BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering (General) – 12 unit:
    How quickly could I do it in, if I committed at least 4 hours a day to it?
    If I enrolled today, could I conceivably complete it in 6/7 months – by the end of August?

    • There are 24 assessments for 12 unit Dip so together with the study time , 12 months is a more realistic completion period, even given an average study time of 20-25hrs/wk

  12. Hi

    I am currently a third year Apprentice with a Big UK company studying level 3 Diploma in Maritime Defence this is a City & Guild NVQ in two parts
    * (Development Knowledge) (4715-03)
    * (Development Competence) (4615-03)

    With the knowledge there are 8 units for the certificate one of the units being “unit 300 Engineering Maths” regrettably i failed the exam and the retake for this unit only. The other units i have either passed or my exam is pending, But without all 8 units passed i can not claim the level 3.
    With that in mind my employer will have no choice but to terminate my apprenticeship as they require the full level 3.

    I understand what i am doing currently is a City & Guilds and what you offer is a BTEC but i was hoping that both being a level 3 they where similar in the Maths topics they cover?

    “Unit 300 Engineering Maths” topics/outcomes
    1- solve Engineering problems using Arithmetic
    2- solve Engineering problems using Algebraic Methods
    3- solve Engineering problems using Trigonometric methods
    4- solve Engineering problems using Statistics

    What i am trying to do is see if i can do this BTEC maths only and if it would be the equivalent to the City & Guilds maths.

    If so how much would this course cost please?

    • Our BTEC level 3 unit in maths should cover everything you list in your email. This can be purchased from our support page

    • The maths content is different – on our web site you can drill down to see a summary of the BTEC L3 maths content

  13. NVQ is a practical skills qualification, whereas BTEC is a knowledge based qualification. They are not alternatives but can be done together

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