Recent customer reviews

Some recent customer testimonials (starting with the most recent):

Roberta Whitlock BTEC Level 3 Engineering

I really loved this course. The learning resources provided were great and the tutors were helpful. I am currently working in Engineering and completing this course has since helped me to gain a promotion and has certainly opened doors for me. Having completed the level 3 course I am now planning on progressing to the HNC Engineering course. 

Alex Loader HNC General Engineering

A lot of information was made available for each of the units I studied, including very useful video demos where calculations had to be used. The support from my tutors was excellent, they provided as much help as possible. They managed to break down information that appeared complicated, whilst providing real helpful feedback. The response time of tutors was very quick too. Some of the course materials will help in my current employment, however my intentions are to move on with further study, in which the course material will prove invaluable. I intend to use my new HNC Engineering qualification to increase job prospects and to gain a higher skilled career. Everything has been excellent with the service at TECOL. 

Adam Millard BTEC Level 3 Engineering

The units that I studied have been relevant to my job (apart from the Comms unit). Tutors gave me excellent support when asked. I found the learning materials to be good but on occasion there were questions that were a bit ambiguous. TECOL staff provided me with excellent support and were very quick in response to e-mails, also very helpful with any issues I have had throughout. I am using this course now to gain employment as a Mechanical/Electrical Engineer.

Alexander Clarke BTEC Level 3 Engineering

I found the learning materials provided by TECOL to be very helpful when completing my assessments and I had no issues in understanding them. TECOLs tutoring team where very helpful and knowledgeable when I required support. The admin team answered any queries in a timely manner. I am now able to apply for promotion after completion of the 6 unit BTEC Level 3 Engineering programme which was my goal.  Further study in the future is a option that I am considering, but promotion at work is the first objective for me at present. 

John Heesom BTEC Level 3 Engineering

Tecol tutors were very helpful and approachable. Due to some recent employment changes I plan to use what I have studied with TECOL to now study a management based course.

Paul Kirby BTEC Level 3 Engineering

Learning materials and support were very good and the course was really relevant to my employment. After achieving 2 distinction, 1 merit and 3 pass grades I plan to study further with TECOL. 

Matthew Woolard BTEC Level 3 Engineering (6 units)

I have been drafting mechanical drawings for some time now and this course has verified my knowledge further and helped to expand my range of capabilities. Some material required further research, but it encouraged me to investigate further and in turn expanded my own knowledge. I will now be taking a year out from my studies, however, with the UCAS points and knowledge attained from this course, I will be planning on studying a degree in Engineering Design as of September 2022. I will now also have a strong place on the project design team at my workplace. Thanks TECOL.

Dan Carr HND Mechanical Engineering

Tecol have been supportive throughout my three year course and would highly recommend their services. Balancing a fulltime job as well as an online course was made easy by Tecol due to the course material which I found easy to access and understand, plus when required, the tutors help is always there including quick and efficient responses. I wish Tecol all the best going forward and thank them for their help in finishing my HND course which would have been impossible without online distance learning and their support.

Richard Robinson BTEC Level 3 Engineering

I found that I rarely needed assistance, but when required, all communication was swift. I’m already in a very technical role but this course has now given me a greater foundation of knowledge to build on as I progress in my work.  I am planning for further study at HNC Level 4, then an employment promotion hopefully. The HNC topics that I plan now to study will be even more applicable to build on my current role at work. All good.

Alexander Oldridge BTEC Level 3 Engineering

Helpful learning materials. The team were very helpful when I requested support. Support and advice was always there when I asked. 

Lee Ashmore BTEC Level 4 HNC Electrical/Electronic Engineering

I have experienced prompt replies from the tutor team regarding any questions asked during the course and I have experienced no issues in understanding the assessment tasks. The course was very relevant and useful to my job/employment prospects as I work in engineering. Admin support was good when required. My plans on completion of this course are to continue on and topup with another 7 units to complete the BTEC Level 5 HND Electrical/Electronic Engineering course. Having completed my Level 3 BTEC in Engineering now with TECOL and more recently the BTEC Level 4 HNC in Electrical/Electronic Engineering I am happy to recommend this company to anyone looking to expand their qualifications.

Elaine Jameson BTEC Level 3 Engineering

The material was structured very well. I liked the links all the way through to different videos/websites to learn more about that particular subject. I found the tutors very helpful, if l had any queries they would respond quickly. A large amount of what l learned from this course l have been able to apply in my current role. (Mechanical Design Engineer) A stepping stone to my goal of becoming a Senior Mechanical Design Engineer. Admin – I have found the team very helpful, l was given all the information l needed. I enjoyed taking this course, it was challenging at times but very rewarding. It has given me the confidence to think about higher education. My plans on completion of this course are?  I’m thinking about higher education, HND level. And also employment promotion.

Callum Lock BTEC Engineering

The learning materials and the tutors were very good and I was able to learn all required from them. Hopefully this level 3 certification will now lead to promotion at my work, which was the original reason for undertaking the course. I am currently waiting on my employer deciding if they wish me to go down the HNC or HND route.

Fraser Moore BTEC Engineering

Course tutors were always helpful when answering queries and made it clear what needed to be done to understand certain tasks that I may have struggled with. The worked example videos in the learning materials were extremely useful as I could replay these over and over if required. Working for an engineering company I felt that this course was very fitting to my role and I could relate certain units and tasks to my day to day work life. I am now taking a break from further learning, but may decide to study a higher level in future.

Ramunas Siupinys BTEC Engineering

The materials provided were sufficient and there were extra links to additional study material. The support from the teaching team was very responsive and fast – this was very professional. This course should now help me get the dream job in the electronics industry within microprocessor programming. The admin people were very easy to communicate with and they were always helpful and supportive when asked. My plans are now for further education and employment.

Steve Lawson BTEC Engineering

The course was great. Learning materials (notes) provided were very useful and interesting. The support from the tutors was excellent and quick when needed. I hop the course will now allow me to gain meaningful employment within the engineering industry. 

Lloyd Dichoso BTEC Engineering

Learning materials provided are very clear and easy to understand. Tutors were very helpful and responsive to any queries regarding the course which has been very relevant for future employment. I have had easy access to admin support, and they have been very responsive. My plans on completion of this course are for employment promotion.

Jake Wood BTEC Engineering

The learning materials really assisted in understanding the system and process behind the answers. Responses were on time and easy to understand. The course was beneficial as it was a basic qualification that I was lacking for my particular industry and a steppingstone to where I plan to go with my education. Admin response was on time and easy to understand. I wish to study further courses and acquire a Higher National Certificate. The tutor produced video links were vital in my engineering mathematics unit as they broke down the stages much clearer than just words on a page and I could rewind these and view time and time again.

Alexandra Williams – BTEC Level 3 Engineering  The course provided me with easy access to learning materials and tutors. Assessments were easy to request and overall a training provider I would recommend. This will now gain me employment promotion opportunites and I hope to enter Higher Education.

Michael Rendle – BTEC Level 3 Engineering (3 units & 6 units)

The course learning materials were very clear and well presented. Tutor support was good and clear. This course will hopefully be the starting block to get me to where I’d like to be. The course set up was effortless. Having now completed I have decided to do more units and have topped up onto the Diploma. I will hopefully move onto a HND afterwards.

Paige Carter – 6 unit Level 3 Engineering Mech/Electrical

Booklets were very informative and the course was very useful as I’m a mechanical fitter. Doing the combined mechanical/electrical course has widened my knowledge in the electrical sector of my job. The TECOL team have always been very responsive when I have asked. My plans on completion of this course are to carry on in the engineering industry and I am currently looking to complete a HNC in the future. I would recommend this to others.

Andrzej Dabal – Engineering (6 units & 9 units) 

At the moment I have completed 6 units I am now currently carrying on with an extra 3 units to make it up to the BTEC Level 3 90 Credit Diploma (9 units). After that I plan to carry on learning and start a HNC in engineering. I would like to apply for an electrical mechanical engineering position this year at my workplace and the current qualification will allow me to do this.

John Wilson – Electrical / Electronic Engineering

The learning materials for my course were excellent. When required, the tutors responded in a timely and effective manner. My course was paid for by my employer, as a help towards my current employment in commercial operations for an Engineering department. I am discussing with my Employer with regards to further education using TECOL for the next level of HNC. The Course was very useful for me, I have not participated in education for many years and I have found this a good introduction on the requirements of BTEC Engineering and coursework requirements.

Alexander Wakefield – Engineering

Absolutely excellent service provided by the tutors at TECOL. Contact was excellent and help was always there when needed. Excellent people! This will be an essential foundation for my future career path, and I thank everyone at Tecol for the ability to study towards this qualification so easily entirely online! A final thanks to Bill, Geoff and all of the admin team at Tecol for the outstanding service and constant contact when needed! An absolute credit to the education system and the course content was sublime! Thanks, Tecol – Very happy customer!

Anthony Ford  – Engineering        

Units studied here were truly relevant and covered a really good spread of things, an idea for future maybe to add a little something on types of couplings/fittings and different thread types NPT/BSP etc. Really good course and maybe tempted to take the electrical engineering course when I get myself sorted.

Matthew Tracey  – Electrical & Electronic Engineering            

Learning materials and support were great during this course. I did this course for my current job and have found this really useful.

Carl Rees-Davies – Electrical & Electronic Engineering

The support was really good, and the course was really relevant to my job. I am now completing the HNC Electrical & Electronic Engineering with the TECOL team and I may then complete an HND.

Adam Barker – Engineering (Electrical/Mechanical) 

The support was always there when the tutors were asked by email/skype/tel. Always willing to help friendly tutors regularly at hand to help and even free out of scheduled hours. Some criteria I use already in my work but also some criteria I will find very useful for the future. My plans on completion of this course are employment promotion and potential further studies. Top service from all the guys at Tecol and I could not really fault them, always willing to help and be flexible and have already recommended their service to a few of my colleagues. 

Anthony Moran – BTEC Level 3 Engineering & HNC Mechanical Engineering                                             

Online studying suits my lifestyle I work shifts so I can study around work and my family commitments. Studying in modules at my pace means I am in control how I progress with online support from a tutor if needed. Learning keeps you current and benefits my employer with a more rounded employee and I achieve industry recognised BTEC qualifications that go hand in hand with my practical experience. Benefits as a student for a small fee the NUS extra card is recognised at many outlets such as Amazon Student Prime. Have completed the Level 3 Engineering course Oct 19 and moved straight to HNC which is working out well so far!