Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Engineering – Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques

Course Code: L3E-A17 (BTEC unit code: (J/600/0272)
Enrolment Fee: £195.00
Format: On-line
Award: BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering
Accreditation: TECOL Award
Study Time: 60 Hours
Requirements: Age – Min. 16 Yrs

This unit can be studied as a standalone TECOL BTEC Level 3 Award in Engineering, or as part of an Pearson/Edexcel accredited BTEC Level 3 Diploma (6  or 9 units) in Engineering.

Aim and purpose

This unit aims to give you opportunity to explore some of the specialist techniques found in engineering that are used to machine or finish complicated shapes.

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Unit introduction

For everyday products and components to be manufactured to a required standard, the machines that produce them need to be operated in an efficient and safe manner. During this process, trial components are made to check accuracy and ensure a minimum amount of waste during production. Machine operators will produce better components if they are aware of a range of finishing and secondary processes that can be used. A secondary process is where raw material or a component is taken for further working, usually involving material removal, and is carried out after a primary forming process.


On completion of this unit you should:

1 Understand how a range of secondary machining techniques are used

2 Know how a range of non-traditional techniques are used

3 Know how heat treatment processes and assembly techniques are used

4 Know how finishing techniques are used.

This unit will give you an opportunity to examine a range of secondary processing machines, their design and application.

2 comments on “Engineering Secondary and Finishing Techniques
  1. mr paul axford lavin says:

    Hi i currently work as a cnc miller but i am self taught and have no qualifications to back it this course the one i would need to do and is it a recognised qualification

    • admin says:

      Yes it is the widely recognised technical qualification in the UK.As you are an experienced engineer we do not ask for any entry requirements, just a committment to work through your course materials and assessmets

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