Level 5 – Manufacturing Systems Engineering

HND Unit 48: Unit code J/615/1516


Manufacturing systems engineering is concerned with the design and on-going operation and enhancement of the integrated elements within a manufacturing system, which is a very complex activity, even for simple products. The art of manufacturing systems engineering is essentially designing systems that can cope with that complexity effectively.

The aim of this unit is to develop students’ understanding of that complexity within a modern manufacturing environment. Among the topics covered in this unit are: elements that make up a manufacturing system, including production engineering, plant and maintenance engineering, product design, logistics, production planning and control, forecast quality assurance, accounting and purchasing, all of which work together within the manufacturing system to create products that meet customers’ requirements.

On successful completion of this unit students will be able to explain the principles of a manufacturing system and consider how to design improvements. They will be introduced to all the elements that make up a modern manufacturing system, and they will learn how to optimise the operation of existing systems through discerning use of monitoring data. Some of the elements will be developed in greater depth; of particular importance will be looking at the systems of production planning and control, which are the day-to-day tools used to manage the manufacturing system effectively.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Illustrate the principles of manufacturing systems engineering and explain their relevance to the design and enhancement of manufacturing systems.
  1. Use a range of analysis tools, including value stream mapping, to determine the effectiveness and efficiency of a manufacturing system, and then develop an appropriate future state for that system.
  1. Outline the impact of different production planning approaches on the effectiveness of a manufacturing system.
  1. Define the responsibilities of manufacturing systems engineering and review how they enable successful organisations to remain competitive.