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Q Hi, my employer has requested I get a level 3 b-tec in mechanical and electrical engineering, can I do the 3 unit courses at the same time?
A In reply: You can, but it makes more sense to go for a 9 or 12 unit Mech & Electrical certifate or diploma that includes all the units you want to do, rather than doing 2 separate courses.
Q I am looking to work towards a lvl 3 cert in both Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Am I able to do this?

I was intending to work towards it on a unit by unit basis. Completing the necessary units for both Mech and Elec. Will I have to complete the shared mandatory units (Maths, Health and Safety and Communication) twice, for each certificate?

A In reply: You best option is to start with a 3 unit Mech foundation award and when complete, upgrade it to Mech & Elec (General) engineering by adding 3 more units for a full Award.

This way there will be no duplication of units.

Q Do you accept advanced learner loans for the engineering qualifications?
A In reply: We currently do not accept advanced learner loans
Q Can a 30 year old student with career experience go from a level 2 nvq diploma to a hnc without completing a level 3
A In reply: It would not be a wise move to skip level 3, as some of the topic would simply be too difficult such as mathematics.
We would recommend that you spend an extra year completing a 6-unit BTEC level 3 Award in order to prepare for your HNC