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TECOL telephone number: 0800 228 9215
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At TECOL we believe that you should have the opportunity to pursue a range of nationally recognised technical qualifications to complement your existing skills and interests. Our online teaching and learning methods utilises the ‘Moodle’ learning environment and we will provide you with all the material you need, and allow you the flexibility to work at your own time, pace, and place. Throughout your course, you shall be supported by a highly qualified tutor who not only has the right technical knowledge, but has the right real world work experience.

The Technical Education Centre for Online Learning (TECOL) is a UK registered company and an approved Edexcel BTEC education centre. Our aim is to provide the widest choice of online technical courses to learners based in England, Wales and Scotland who are unable to attend their local college,  so distance learning is their only real option.

Benefits of TECOL’s On-line Learning Model

  • Learning is self-paced and gives learners a chance to speed up or slow down as necessary
  • Access to technical education is available to those in work who – cannot get day-release, work shifts, or regularly have to work or travel overseas.
  • Geographical barriers are eliminated, opening up broader education options, and may supplement local college provision
  • 24/7 accessibility makes scheduling easy and allows a greater number of people to attend classes
  • On-demand access means learning can happen precisely when needed
  • Potentially lower costs for companies needing to train employees, but can’t afford to lose staff to attend classes
  • Accommodates multiple learning styles using a variety of delivery methods geared to different learners

Course Purchase and Enrolment Process

When you order a course from us via our Checkout PayPal system, we will be in contact with you shortly on your next step in starting your course as follows:

  1. If you paid in full, you will receive an email with an enrolment form for you to fill in and return.
  2. If you paid a deposit, you will be sent details on setting up your direct debit with GoCardless and an enrolment form.
  3. When you return your enrolment form, we will then email you with login details for access to your course materials, along with course guidance and tutor contact details.

The overall process should not take any longer than 3 days, but if you don’t hear from us after 3 days at any stage of the process, it is likely that your email system may be blocking communications.  If this happens please contact us by Telephone on 0800 228 9215 or email:

Note: if the course is not for the same person on the PayPal order please let us know by sending details of the learner name and email address to:

Course Extension and Repeats

If your course support expires or you need to repeat an assessment go to course extension and assessment repeat support

BTEC Registration Fees

If you are studying a BTEC level 3 certificate or diploma you must pay your registration fee within 1 month of course  enrolment. In addition your tutor will be unable to issue you with any assessments until the BTEC fee has been paid. To pay the this go to BTEC registration fee and select the correct fee for your course

Paper Copy of Courses

If you prefer to have a course manual you can also order a paper copy of your course. Just go to your course main web page and scroll down to the appropriate cart


Practical work kits

Currently we have 2 kits that support study and assessment work – The ‘Electronics development kit’ (Electronic components, a multi-meter) and an ‘Instrumentation kit’ (Oscilloscope/ function generator). These can be found on our electronic course webpages, but can also be ordered directly from below. We can now also supply a low cost workbench DC power supply unit

‘Electronics development kit’ (cost £50).

You can source your own parts, or purchase a kit from us. The kit includes a multi-meter, breadboard, antistatic strap or gloves, battery holders, and all the analogue and digital components needed to complete assessment tasks.

Select ‘Add to cart’ below to include your electronics kit. – £50


‘Instrumentation kit’ (cost £70).

You can source your own electronic instruments , or purchase a kit from us. The kit includes an oscilloscope and function generator needed to complete assessment tasks.

Select ‘Add to cart’ below to include your instrument kit. – £70


‘DC Power Supply’ (cost £65).

Although not essential to complete your assessments, this workbench DC Power Supply is a more permanent supply option compared to using batteries; especially if you plan to continue developing your practical electronic skills.  Variable voltage 0-15v, and current range: 0-2A

Select ‘Add to cart’ below to include your DC power supply. – £65

25 comments on “Support
  1. Josh says:

    do you accept the advanced learner loan for the engineering course.



  2. chloe yu says:

    For the university entry requirement,
    one of it is BTEC level 3 extended diploma
    Is that mean Level 3 on here ?
    because I don’t see any Level 3 with extended level here

    Please advice
    Best regards

    • admin says:

      A BTEC extended diploma contains 18 units, which is normally studied full time due to the amount of time required. Tecol can offer extended diplomas if required, please email for further details

  3. jonathan says:

    this may a dumb question but is this endorsed by anyone ?
    such as city and guilds

    • admin says:


      It a perfectly good question, and the answer is yes
      All our BTEC level 3-5 courses are fully approved and accredited by Pearson-Edexcel, who are the largest UK qualification authority

  4. Craig Stalker says:

    I am currently working as a project manager in training, and have been asked to acquire my mechanical qualifications.

    I am currently looking to take the unit 9 Mechanical diploma. I work full time and was wondering if this course is suitable to study part time?

    • admin says:

      As an on-line distance learning provider, all our courses are designed to study on a part-time basis. They have been designed to be flexible so that they can work around your other commitments. For a 9 unit diploma, we would expect you to study about 5-10 hours per week to ensure that you complete your course over a 2-3 year period

  5. Usman says:

    I was just wondering if it was possible to complete a course within the recommended time period e.g. a 6 unit course would take 2 years but what if I wanted to finish it in 6 months? Will I also gain the necessary support from your side to finish it in that time frame as well?

    • admin says:

      Yes, the 24 months is the support time we offer for a 6 unit diploma, but you can complete the course in a shorter time if you wish.
      This is one of the advantages of our on-line courses.
      There will be 12 assessments for this diploma and you are in control of when to request them (in sequence) and how quickly to return them (must be within the assessment duration time). Your assigned tutor will normally mark and return them to you within 10 working days.
      So you have considerable control over how long it takes to complete the course

  6. Joss says:

    Are there any externally marked assessments?

  7. Craig says:

    Hello, I noticed in your support information that you offer courses to students in England, Scotland and Wales. I live in Northern Ireland and was considering signing up for a Level 3 Engineering Diploma.
    Do you offer courses in NI?

    • admin says:

      Given that Northern Ireland is well served by 6 local colleges, we do not current take students from Northern Ireland; unless the student can clearly show they unable attend to a local college e.g. away from home during the normal working week

  8. Dheeraj Chhetri says:

    Hi I left a message on here earlier this year and no response of my question but now longer visible.

    I kept on coming back from time to time and was awaiting a response.

    Any ideas?

  9. admin says:

    No problem You can 3 electrical unit upgrade to the 6 mechanical units and gain a 9 unit Dip in Eng (Mech&Elec)

  10. Rich Stephens says:


    I am looking at undertaking the btec level 3 diploma in electrical electronic engineering 12unit course. In terms of the grading criteria, can you achieve pass, merit and distinction or is it limited to just pass marks due to being an online course. Also, what support is offered to students when undertaking the course (course lecturers?).

    Many thanks,


    • admin says:

      For all BTEC courses you have the opportunity to achieve pass, merit and distinction grades.
      Tutors are provided for all units and can be contacted via email and Skype

  11. barry says:

    Can i ask , who takes care of the btech tests and submissions do we have to submit these or is this taken care of for us ?

    • admin says:

      We take care of all your course assessments. Currently these can be done at home, as there are no formal course exams to sit at exam centres

  12. Kingsley Senyemi says:

    An offshore worker in Ghana and wants to know if this course will be of benefit to my electrical carrier. If yes kindly send me the links for registration

  13. Liam says:

    Hi I currently have an nvq level 3 in Hgv repair and maintenance and I am looking to gain an electrical qualification, would you recommend the btec level 3 or hnc with bridging units

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